Posted by: jinniver | February 5, 2009

Giving in to temptation

I’d looked at it longingly for some time now.  I knew I didn’t really need it.  I had plenty.  But there was just something about it…

But it seemed that everywhere I turned, there was a reminder.  And then, today, as I was flipping through the Ravelry forms, there it was…in the ad at the bottom.  That’s when I knew how bad I had it.  The ad showed only a very small part, and yet I immediately recognized it.

So I surrendered.

Now I am the proud but slightly intimidated owner of a copy of Sammy Kaplan’s adorable Adam & Eve Unisex Baby/Toddler Sweater and Hat pattern.

I didn’t “need” the pattern because I’ve already got quite a few patterns for that age group.  I’ve got a couple books with baby and toddler patterns.  I’ve got lots of magazines, some with patterns for that age group.  And I have already downloaded a countless number of free patterns in all sorts of catagories.  Many of them are adorable.

Why, then, would I need to buy a pattern, however cute it is, when I’ve already got more toddler cardigan patterns than I can hope to knit before my daughter outgrows them (seeing as my son is already too big for anything with the word “toddler” in the title)?  Well, I don’t.  But there was just something so special about this pattern.  I can just see my baby girl wearing this cardigan and hat…

Assuming I can knit it.  Remember the “slightly intimidated” part?  I took a deep breath when I saw the difficulty was “advanced intermediate.”  Then I saw “lifted increases.”  I don’t even know what they are…yet.  Guess I’ll be stretching my skills on this one–but it’ll be worth it to see it on my girl.

Now I just need to find the yarn…


The prizes for the Raid Jen’s Stash Raffle for the 2009 MS Walk just keep getting better, thanks to the continuing generosity of other knitters. I posted about the raffle in the Castle Fibers group on Ravelry after Rita offered one of her limited edition RIP yarns, and fellow group member Shady Fibers offered up the roving of my choice from her etsy store. She’s got some beautiful rovings to choose from, so I enjoyed my “shopping” quite a bit. I’m not a spinner (yet) myself, but hopefully I picked a good one–it’s a very colorful roving with lots to offer anyone! Donations are coming in from knitters and crocheters, including my first (but hopefully not last!) overseas donor. I’m currently the second highest fund raiser in Corpus Christi, and still going strong, thanks to you all!



  1. You CAN knit it! Not only is there ravelry, particularly, for info and help, the intronets in general will clue you in on what “lifted increases” are.

    The more I keep knitting outside of my comfort zone, the more I realize I CAN knit.

    Looking forward to your progress pics and your FO on ravelry!


  2. Oh yeah, you can knit it! The only way you learn is to get yourself in over your head and just do it (as that famous shoe ad says)!

  3. I think the best way to learn a new technique or stitch is to tackle a project you really love, that way it won’t be so bad if you have to occasionally tink or frog back and you’ll have the patience to stick with it.


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