Posted by: jinniver | February 4, 2009

More MS Walk 2009 raffle prizes!

When I announced the initial Raid Jen’s Stash Raffle to help raise money for the 2009 MS Walk, Genuine joked, “Nothing shows love from a knitter like giving away stash.”

To that, I would like to add, “Or an indie dyer giving away her work, or a fellow knitter giving away her stash.”

I’ve received offers of additional yarn to raffle off from 2 of my friends.  The first is Rita, the talent behind Castle Fibers.  She is offering a very special limited-edition yarn.  There have been a couple cases recently of indie dyers and designers allegedly faking their deaths when things got tough–in fact, that’s how Rita and I met, in a group created from a thread on Ravelry about one of those dyers.  So when the most recent story broke about someone else, Rita decided to poke a little fun and started a new yarn line:  RIP (Undead Yarns).  The first colorway in the series, Scab, has been selling like hotcakes.  The name might not be attractive–all of the yarns in the series will have similar names to go along with our jokes about zombies and bleeding (yarn)–but the yarn is:  a gorgeous deep red.  Rita has offered up one of these beautiful limited edition skeins to be added as the 18th item in the raffle!

There is now also going to be a supplemental raffle, thanks to the generosity of my friend Tia.  I know that the current economic situation has a lot of people tightening their belts, which is one reason why I chose $5 as the price for one raffle entry.  Everything helps, and I didn’t want anyone dissuaded by the thought that they couldn’t give “enough.”  However, some people are in a position where they can give more, and much to my grateful amazement, they have.  So the supplemental raffle Tia is offering is up to 15 skeins of sock yarn (some indie dyed, some commercially produced) from her stash for knitters who are able to donate $100 or more.   Each donation in that range will be worth one entry into the raffle; the number of skeins available will depend on the number of qualifying donations (in other words, if less than 15 knitters donate more than $100, the number of sock yarn skeins will equal the number of donations; if more than 15 donations qualify, there will be 15 skeins available and winners will be chosen in a raffle).

My fellow knitters have been generous in other ways.  Many of linked to my post from their blogs to help spread the word, which is wonderful.  And I cherish each word of encouragement I’ve received.  It does mean a lot to know that I’m doing with my family is so well supported.  Thank you!

As for the fundraising, it’s going better than I dreamed.  After just 2 days of fundraising, we’ve already raised $935, which put us almost at our goal already!  So I moved the goal posts.  Our new goal is $1500!  Right now I’m listed as the 3rd highest fundraiser in the Corpus Christi area, and it’s thanks to my friends, families, and fellow knitters!



  1. Yay!! So glad it’s going well.


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