Posted by: jinniver | January 25, 2009

Something for Jeffrey

Last November, Sharon of Three Irish Girls offered the members of the Stash Menagerie Club a unique opportunity: the chance to choose December’s colorway.  Several of us suggested colors, or posted pictures of the colors we’d like to see. I offered up these:

29 Dec 06 047_edited29 Dec 06 058_edited6 Mar 07 039_edited28 Oct 06 005_editedFlowers 072508 (15)072608 (10)_edited

The winning suggestion involved reds and browns, specifically gingerbread colors. Some members asked for colors that were a little more gender neutral. The results were Gingerbread House and Cinnamon Spice, both on the lusciously warm and soft Galenas Merino yarn base.

My yarns, when they arrived, looked a little different from the sample.  My Gingerbread House had some olive green added in on either side of the blue (which was not as bright), and my Cinnamon Spice was more of a red brown.

3IG Galenas Merino Gingerbread House (2)3IG Galenas Merino Cinnamon Spice (2)

I’ll be honest–I was a little unsure of the Gingerbread House. It looked pretty in the skein, but once wound into a cake looked a little…strange. I also needed to decide what to do with it. My first thoughts involved various projects for me (I’d purchased 3 skeins of the Gingerbread House and 2 of the Cinnamon Spice–and at 220 yds per skein, that was plenty to make me a little something). However, I’d been one of those looking for a gender neutral colorway…because it was really time to make something for Jeffrey.

Still, it was hard to give up this yarn, even if I was a little unsure of the colors. Oh, me of little faith…

At any rate, a search on Ravelry for a child’s cardigan knit with yarn of the same weight got me Lion Brand’s Striped Cardi. With the yarn color choices on the sample picture, it had a very feminine look, but I knew that with my reds and browns it would make a good cardigan for my almost-4-year-old son. Plus, with the sizing options available, I could knit it at a size 4 width and size 5/6 length for my tall and skinny little guy.

So, I cast on prior to Thursday night’s Sit ‘n Knit, so I’d have something simple enough to knit that I could knit and talk.  The stitches flew from my fingers to the needles–the Galenas Merino is a dream to knit with.  And soon, I could see that I should have had faith in Sharon.  The blending between the red, brown, and olive green (which, incidentally, matches my son’s eyes) was warm and comforting, and the bit of blue livened it up without being jarring.I’m a little jealous that this won’t be mine!

Saturday, after my afternoon knitting session at Knotty Girl, I laid out the work I’d done so far for Jeffrey do see.

Christmas Spices Cardigan (2)

“Do you like the colors?” I asked.


“What colors are they?” I continued.

Jeffrey took a closer look.  “Beautiful,” he said simply.



  1. Jeffrey’s right!

  2. Jeffrey, you are a genius! Jen, the cardigan looks adorable, can’t wait to see the finished product!

  3. oh how sweet! I know I’ve said it before – I cpould just eat him up! And those colors do look beautiful knit up.


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