Posted by: jinniver | January 18, 2009

Not a bandwagon fan

Where I grew up in southcentral Pennsylvania, there were options when choosing sporting teams.  Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington were all about the same distance away, so Phillies/Eagles fans were offset by about the same number of Orioles/Redskins fans.  The younger of my twin brothers has always bled Phillies maroon and Eagles green; the older one shifted around a lot when he was younger (a fact he’ll probably deny now), but he’s a solid Philadelphia fan now.  I was a Phillies fan for a while–I still remember my Phillies ballcap with “ROSE” written on the inside; Pete Rose was my favorite player–but I eventually settled on the Orioles and worshiped Cal Ripkin, Jr. (in retrospect, a much better choice than a disgraced gambler who lied for years).  Of course, I don’t follow Major League Baseball at all anymore, being totally disgusted with the whole game (yes, I’m looking at you, Barry, Mark, Sammy, Rafael, and all the owners and commissioners looking the other way), but I was a diehard Orioles fan.

Football, on the other hand, is still my game.  I love football.  And while I probably wavered a bit as a child until I found my way (I have vague memories of being a 49ers fan, for some strange reason), the only team I really ever solidly remember cheering for are the Washington Redskins.

They’ve been a hard team to love, I’ll admit, but that’s what being a fan is all about.  At least, that’s what I tell myself every year when we miss the playoffs…again…or get knocked out in the first round…again…by my husband’s Seattle Seahawks…again

But just because I’m suffering doesn’t mean I’m about to jump on one of those popular bandwagons…regardless of what my Facebook profile might say.  I didn’t realize that continuing the Eagles wave that my brother sent me would automatically sign me up as a fan–and as soon as I figure out how to sign out, I’m doing it!

However…I’ll be cheering E-A-G-L-E-S, Eagles! today…for my brothers.

Eagles game! 002
Joe and Meghan at an Eagles game

Baby Stella 106_edited
After an ill-advised bet over the outcome of a Redskins/Eagles game, Joe was forced to dress his daughter Stella in Lexie’s Redskins gear…which he counteracted with the pacifier

I don’t have a picture of CJ and Oneida in their Eagles gear…but I have one of their dogs Swirl and Cartoon “happily” decked out

Edit:  Sorry, guys.



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