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What knitters (and crocheters) like

A fellow Raveler started quite a thread when she asked “What’s your most-viewed project?” She also asked if you were surprised by the answer; she was, for instead of being one of her pretty lace shawls, it was a knit toy.

I hadn’t looked at my stats recently, but the answer was pretty obvious to me. A Fair Summer Isle, the dress I designed and knit for Lexie, would be my most popular project. After all, there was a free pattern connected to it, and for the longest time, my project was the only connected to the pattern.

And…I was wrong. A Fair Summer Isle was not #1. It wasn’t even #2. It barely came in at #3.

  1. Lexie’s Fiesta Jumper
  2. Jen’s Ravelympics 2008 Hat
  3. A Fair Summer Isle
  4. Stella’s Wedding Cardigan (beat out by only 8 views)

fiesta dress 016_ravelryRavelympics hat (5)dress010ravStella's Wedding Cardigan (10)

In retrospect, the hat didn’t surprise me (nor that it’s actually my most favorited project).  Ever since I put the picture of me wearing the hat in my Ravatar, I’ve gotten regular PMs from people asking about it, wanting to know what pattern I used, what yarn I used, and what modifications I made (since what I knit doesn’t match the picture on the pattern. The cardigan makes sense too, because it’s a solid pattern, a good story, and two of the most adorable models possible. But…the jumper? Really?  That project was…kind of a train wreck, to be honest.  I haven’t frogged it yet, but I will be doing so to scavenge the yarn for washclothes (a better usage than a dress).  The shaping was awful.  Basically, I rushed into trying to design without understanding the basics of design.  I don’t mind any of that–it was a good learning experience and I’m certainly not heartbroken at how the dress turned out.

The original poster and I weren’t the only ones surprised by the results in our notebooks.  It was fun when posters linked both their most viewed project and the one they thought should be their most viewed.  But the best part was getting to see so many disparate projects, some of which ended up in my queue…and some of which were just so stunning I had to share them.

(Note – the initial links for all of these are the links to the Ravelry project page; where available, a blog link is included for non-Rav readers.)

Some of the items were show-stoppers thanks to the yarn used:

Some involved truly gorgeous colorwork:

  • savithny’s Salmon of Knowledge Tam: a self-designed fair isle pattern combined with a basic tam pattern make a wonderful hat.
  • HCQ’s Venezia goes to Magdelene: the original multi-colored versions of this pullover are beautiful, but the 2-color version this knitter made really emphasizes the intricate fair isle design.
  • dafawnz’s (yes, her again!) Pretty as a Peacock Shawl: I spent time looking at this one, trying to figure out how she’d managed to do the colorwork…but it turns out that the knitter used white yarn and then hand-painted this shawl to look like peacock feathers. I don’t think I’d’ve had the guts!

Some were just fun:

And then there were the ones that would stop traffic:

  • Sandyhook’s Lotus Bag: this bag should be an eye-opener for anyone who thinks the only thing you can crochet is a granny square. The maker also shares how she made to make modifications since her pattern was only for the front panel.
  • zebraknits’ Cabled Jacket:  the jacket is just…beyond words.  It’s a beautiful jacket and beautifully done, and I was impressed before I learned that the knitter made this without a pattern.  She saw it in a movie and had to have it, so she figured out how to do it.

Enjoy the eye candy!



  1. Hmmm….both of mine are UFOs–the Vkandis shawl and the crochet entrelac bedspread. How odd….


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