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A Sunny Summer frog party

R.I.P, Sunny Summer Sky.

Early summer of 2008, Genuine started a KAL for the Nothing But a T-Shirt pattern. There were only 3 of us participating. Michelle finished hers and it looks awesome. Genuine’s is still in progress as far as I know, but near completion.

Mine was frogged today.  Permanently.

I loved the look of the Nothing But a T-Shirt, but unfortunately it wasn’t sized large enough.  No problem, I thought confidently–I can rework it.  I took a good look at the pattern, drew a diagram of the shirt to fit me, figured out my gauge, and rewrote the pattern.  I cast on with complete confidence, and knit the back with only a few bobbles, but a few doubts.  I had second, third, and fourth thoughts about how I was going to do the sleeves.  Then I started the front.  By now, the uncertainty was shifting to certainty–in that I was certain there was a problem.  One that couldn’t be easily fixed.

Looking at what I’d done, I was definitely going to end up with a slightly lopsided and ill-fitting t-shirt.  I’d rushed ahead with trying to design without having a good enough understanding of the principles of design.  It made no sense to continue.  Out came the ball winder.

My Sunny Summer Sky was still in the drawer where I’d shoved it when I’d started to get dissatisfied.

NBAT Frog Party (1)

I took a moment to lay the pieces I’d knit so far out…both to say good-bye and to get an idea of what I was going to be dealing with.

NBAT Frog Party (2)

I’d forgot that I hadn’t bound off the neck stitches, so I was hoping that would make things easier when I frogged the back. The front was going to be a lot easier, since I only had about 4 inches knit. There were some tangles to deal with, since the yarn cake had been shoved around a lot.

NBAT Frog Party (3)

Once I was through those, the frogging went smoothly. I did end up with a couple snags–the end stitch in the row tended to need a good tug to come undone, but once I figured out the best way to give it a yank without interrupting the rhythm, it was smooth sailing.

NBAT Frog Party (4)

I thought the back would be just as easy, since I had a place to start where the stitches weren’t bound off. What I forgot was that’s not where my knitting ended. I’d still knit to the tops of the shoulders, and I suddenly found myself trying to frog the middle of knitting with no ends in sight.

NBAT Frog Party (6)

I pulled that part off the winder and eventually found an end I could wind with. Of course, that turned out to be a relatively tiny length, but I’d worked back down to where I could pick up my initial end and wind away. At the beginning I let the back hang all the way to the floor, because the weight helped with the frogging–especially with those stiff end stitches. Once it got too light for that to be effective, I moved the piece to my knee where I could control it better.

NBAT Frog Party (7)

(Um…please ignore the manicure remnants.  Still looking for my nail polish remover.)

On both pieces I had to stop at the hems, since they were knit in a contrasting color. The first one frogged easily, but I was concerned when I reached the second one because I’d already done the hemming by knitting the edge to another row. My concern was premature–it came apart just as easily. I did start frogging by hand just to check…and then frogged the whole thing to a crinkly yellow pile just for the fun of it.

NBAT Frog Party (8)

In a lot less time than it took to knit it, I returned the yarn to this state:

NBAT Frog Party (9)

I was a little sad when I started the frogging, because I had put a lot of effort into my knitting and I did really like the pattern. But when I started having so much fun frogging-by-ball-winder that I forgot the sad, I knew the decision was the right one. Now I just need to find a pattern that will work for me that will give me my knit cotton t-shirt. The Shapely Tee from White Lies Design is a possibility, although it doesn’t give the casual look I was hoping for. Oh, now, the Green T…that has promise. I’d just have to change the ribbing to hems and maybe nip in the waist a little…

By the way–Steve’s pink and orange Hawaiian shirt, reported on yesterday, had the desired effect of repelling all of his crew members. He also tacked this comic to the door of his cabin:

Rudy Park



  1. I love the colors of your ex-project; definitely a summer sky. The yellow frogged yarn looks like a ramen cake!

  2. “The yellow frogged yarn looks like a ramen cake!”

    Hmmm…that probably explains why I ended up craving and eating ramen noodle soup for lunch after I was done frogging!


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