Posted by: jinniver | January 12, 2009

New Year’s Plans: Status report

I’m sure you’re all wondering how I’m coming on my New Year’s Plans.

(Psst:  Your line is, “Of course, Jen!  How are you coming on those New Year’s Plans?”  Thanks.)

Monday seemed like a good day for a status report…mostly because I’ve actually got a fair amount of status to report.  To recap:

  1. Knit Jeffrey a sweater.
  2. Spend less time reading about knitting and more time actually knitting.
  3. Finish some long-term WIPs.
  4. Pull out that charity knitting.
  5. Remember the other fiber arts.

So, how am I doing?

#1 Knit Jeffrey a sweater (9/1/09).

This one was on hold, because #5 forbade me to cast on anything new until I finished at least one of Steve’s Hawaiian shirts…which means that by telling you that I’ve wound the yarn today to start gauge swatches kinda puts paid to any suspense over the status of Plan #5.  Keep reading when you get to that point anyway–there are pictures.  Just grab your sunglasses first.  Trust me.

Jeffrey's sweater yarn

Anyway, the sweater–there will be actual knitting on it starting today!

#2 Spend less time reading about knitting and more time actually knitting.

There have been good days, and there have been bad days.  Mostly, my good days are a result of the shirt sewing; that’s kept me away from the computer more than usual.  I hadn’t even looked at the Leech Block add-on until just now…but the act of reporting on my progress did egg me on to actually make some progress.  Now, if I’ve done it right, I’ll get kicked off of Ravelry (where I spend/waste most of my time) after a hour, and I can’t go back for another 5 hours.  We’ll see if that helps.

#3 Finish some long-term WIPs.

There were 4 WIPs that made the list:

One down, 3 to go!  It didn’t take me long to decide that frogging my Sunny Summer Sky was the right thing to do.  I knew the design plan I’d come up with was flawed, and it was silly to spend so much time on something I knew wasn’t going to work.  Beyond silly, really.  Details of the frogging party will come in a later post; suffice to say that the fact that I was only a little sad, but mostly amused by the process of frogging via ball winder, told me I’d made the right decision.

NBAT Frog Party (9)

I’ve also made a fair amount of progress on the Northern Lights shrug.  It’s the last item on the list (with the latest deadline), but I’m fairly close to completion–only about 8 more inches to go.  It’s also the best project of those on the list for knitting with friends, because it’s garter stitch.  There’s been a lot of interest in my shrug recently at Sit ‘n Knits, so I think that one will be finished with no problems.

Northern Light shrug (2)

#4 Pull out that charity knitting (one item per month).

Like with #1, this was one was on hold for #5.  But now I’m free to proceed and have 19 days to knit a pair of baby socks.  I’ll cast on some time this week; they’re small and should go quickly.

(Pssst, again: this is the time for the sunglasses.)

#5 Remember the other fiber arts (one shirt per month).

The big news is here!  Not only did I finish the required shirt for January already…they’re all done.

Classic Cars Hawaiian shirtsFlowers Hawaiian shirtEye Bleeding Hawaiian shirt

Ok…”all” meaning all of the three that I had to do for Steve’s birthday, not counting the ones for the kids I added to the list. But still…3 Hawaiian shirts in less than a week is nothing to sneeze at (unless you’re allergic to colors that make your eyes bleed, and I may be developing that allergy after this week’s over-exposure).  Steve was delighted, and the pink and orange one on the far right made its debut today despite the fact that temps in the 40s don’t make most people think “Hawaiian shirt weather!”…especially in south Texas.  My work here is not done; I owe Steve 2 more Hawaiian shirts for our anniversary (one of which we need to get the fabric for) and there’s still the wedding quilt.  But I think I’ve earned at least a short break from that sewing machine.



  1. Good for you, sticking with the plan. Keep posting updates in here every so often. That’s a perfect way to help keep you on track. Hmm, maybe I should take my own advice…


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