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The Christmas knitting that wasn’t

I had plans.

They weren’t huge plans, by any means.  I knew enough to start small, especially since I was starting a little later than I wanted.  I’d knit myself a matching hat and cowl a few months ago; I was a test knitter for the cowl pattern and adapted it for a hat pattern myself.

Un-Purled Cables set (1)

Both knits were quite quick and simple…but not so useful here in south Texas (just yesterday I had someone at the LYS ask me when I felt the need to wear them). But all my family comes from northern climes where these could be useful…and my whole family was going to be together for Christmas.  So I got the bright idea to knit a matching hat and cowl for all the women in my family–my mom and my 2 sisters-in-law.  I knew my mom’s favorite color was blue, and I’d asked about my sisters-in-law’s favorite colors awhile back:  red for Meghan and purple for Oneida. Little Knits had the perfect yarn:

Uruquay Chunky smokey blueUruguay Chunky redUruquay Chunky purple

On November 5th, I excitedly cast on for my mom’s cowl.  On November 6th, I happily cast off.

Un-Purled Cables for Christmas 1

This, I thought, would be a breeze. Then I hit the wall.

I cast on for Meghan’s cowl on November 7th and made good progress, although other projects were beginning to interfere.  Still, by the 14th, I was about halfway done.  Then I made the fatal mistake–I put it down, and didn’t mark my place in the pattern.  By the time I picked it up again, I couldn’t remember where I was.  I thought I knew…but I was wrong.  I made an attempt to tink back, but I started dropping stitches and still couldn’t figure out where I was, so I had to frog the whole durned thing.  I would frog it 3 more times before eventually finishing.

But before I reached that point, other knitting would come between us.  I was really hoping for snow for my kids–and the weather reports were promising–when we were in Pennsylvania, but they really don’t sell hats and mittens for that kind of cold down here.  Plus, I wanted to knit themself.  I had some great bulky yarn that would make for quick knitting, and I found hat and mitten patterns to modify.  Unfortunately, even though it was quick knitting, I did have some calculating to do, and the plane ride to PA found me still knitting mittens.

By the time we arrived, the weather predictions had changed (but that’s a story for another post) and the kids were sick anyway…but Steve wanted a hat.  This is also a story for another post, but the only yarn I had not already in use was the purple…which sort of worked out since CJ and Oneida hadn’t been able to make it for Christmas.  So I could at least knit the hat and cowl set for the women who were there, to give to them on Christmas day.

By the time we left Pennsylvania, I had finished exactly none of the to-be-completed projects.  But I did tell Mom and Meghan about the hat and cowl, and they seemed interested.  Of course, by now I was going to finish those cowls and hats come hell or high water, so once we got home and I finished Lexie’s mittens (the last project in that set) and Steve’s hat (which he isn’t going to need until we transfer), I got back to Meghan’s abandoned cowl.  And I only had to frog one more time and tink just under a round another time!

Un-Purled Cables for Christmas 2 (1)

But it’s pretty, right? Red’s not my color, but this will look awesome on my sister-in-law.

I couldn’t do Oneida’s cowl, because I don’t have enough to do both hat and cowl, and I’ve already learned the hard way about the importance of dye lot.  So I need to buy more purple.  In the meantime, I was tackling Mom’s hat, and I found I was finally back on track.  Cast on:  January 3, 2009.  Bind off:  January 3, 2009.

Not for Christmas hat (1)

The blue is much more my color, which means it’ll be perfect for Mom since we have the same coloring. Now, just one more hat to finish off the yarn I have…and time to track down more of that purple…

Edit:  Meghan’s hat cast on: January 4, 2009.  Bind off: January 4, 2009.  Pictures to come when there’s actually some daylight. Whew…



  1. They all came out wonderfully! Great minds must think alike! I made them for my mom, sis and s-i-l. I made 2 cowls for my daughter- she won’t wear a hat. I’m going to try to make a matching headband, she’ll wear that, but that’s for maybe Feb.

  2. Beautiful cowls, and hats too. I think it’s interesting how different colors give a completely different vibe to the cowls. Nice to see an assortment!

  3. Congrats on the finishes! They look great. 🙂


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