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Avoiding the inevitable resolutions

I’m not much of a New Year’s resolutions person.  Anything that you’ve waited until an arbitrary date on the calendar to start is something that really wasn’t that important, or you’ve have started it the day you thought of it.  Not that I don’t understand the seductive thought that the slate is wiped clean on January 1st (or the first day on the calendar of your choice)–and not that I haven’t fallen prey to it myself–but most New Year’s resolutions are made to be broken.

So I’m not making resolutions this year.  I’m making plans.  No, it’s not just semantics, although it might sound that way.  Resolutions are too often large, sweeping declarations that involve lots of good intentions and little detail.  My plans have set numbers and even deadlines attached…and there’s only 5:

1.  Knit Jeffrey a sweater.  Some time ago, I picked out a sweater pattern to knit a cardigan sweater for Jeffrey.  Then I took him to Knotty Girl and let him pick out the yarn.  He selected a rather eye-bleeding lime green…which wasn’t the problem–that it was DK weight and the pattern called for worsted was.  That meant I was going to have to rework the pattern…and I never got around to it.  The yarn is still sitting in my “next project” bin.  Meanwhile, I have knit Lexie a sweater, a shrug, and a dress (they both have a hat and mitten set now, but Jeffrey will probably outgrow his before we get back to cold climates).  It’s time Jeffrey gets something.  But to keep this from being an empty resolution, I have selected a pattern, the yarn (shown below), started a project in my Ravelry notebook, and set a deadline: September 1, 2009. That’s more time than I’ll probably need, but that’s the earliest he’s likely to need it.

3IG Galenas Merino Gingerbread House (2)3IG Galenas Merino Cinnamon Spice (2)

2.  Spend less time reading about knitting and more time actually knitting.  This is one of those “damn you, irony!” plans, since I developed the idea of New Years plans while–what else?–reading a thread in the Knitters’ Review forum. But I know full well that I spend way too much time on the computer, especially on Ravelry and KR.  And when I’m being honest, I admit that most of what I’m reading and chatting about doesn’t actually have anything to do with knitting.  So, since I’m on Firefox, I downloaded the Leech Block add-on (mentioned during a conversation in a Ravelry thread about how to spend less time on Ravelry and more knitting!).  Haven’t started playing with it yet, but my plan is to only spend a couple hours on the computer a day…unless I can find a way to be on the computer and knit…

3.  Finish some long term WIPs.  Fortunately, none of my knitting WIPs are that long term…but that’s probably only because I’ve only been knitting for a little over a year.  I’ve been upfront with my tendency to collect WIPs in a variety of fiber arts, and it’s only going to get worse.  I accept that…I’d just like to try to manage it somewhat. So I’ve selected 4 projects that are “must finish” in 2009:

  • Sunny Summer Sky – this was my entry in Genuine’s Nothing But a T-Shirt KAL. Because the pattern didn’t come in my size, I had to rewrite it…and looking at the completed back, I think I made some definite errors. I’m not sure they’re fixable. So, this one may not ever end up as an FO; I giving myself a deadline of 1/31/09 to decide whether to contine, frog and redo, or give up the ghost.
  • Branching Out Into Lace – this scarf was my first lace project.  I like everything about it–the pattern, the yarn, the combination of the two–but I keep letting everything else come between us.  It’s time to get this puppy off the needles:  completion deadline 2/28/09.
  • Zombielle Socks – I started these socks as part of the MCY Zombie sock KAL on Ravelry.  Like the scarf, I was really enjoying this knit.  The pattern was fun, and the yarn was perfect, just the right shade of decomposing zombie flesh.  But I hit a brick wall when I realized the sock was knitting up too tight on my calf and had to frog.  I made myself consider, since I’d already ripped it, whether I really wanted to cast back on.  I do–I want those socks.  So now I have to knit them, and if they’re not done by 7/24/09 then I need to reconsider whether I’m just fooling myself.
  • Northern Lights Shrug – I believe this shrug was one of the first things I cast on for me.  I wanted it for Thursday nights and Saturdays, to wear to Knotty Girl when I’m sitting and knitting (I tend to get colder faster than most).  I don’t think that I’m ever going to wear it to Knotty Girl, though, since we’re leaving the area in a few months.  But I still think the shrug will come in handy for my chilly tendencies, so I’m not frogging it.  Plus, the mere thought of frogging that yarn gives me a headache, so there’s no going back!  Completion deadline 9/30/09.

4.  Pull out that charity knitting.  On my son’s 3rd birthday, I made a pledge to knit socks for my local NICU in honor of my son, who is a NICU graduate. Unfortunately, I got away from it with all of the other knitting I wanted to try. But when I was going through my yarn to find some I wasn’t going to knit with to make into Christmas ornaments, I immediately set the yarn I’d purchased for baby knitting off to the side. My plan is to make at least one item a month to donate to a local NICU or shelter, and increase that as my knitting gets faster.

5.  Remember the other fiber arts.  Not all of my WIPs (or even most) are knitting related.  But most of them are for my edification, so it’s okay if they stay undone a little longer.  But there are 2 items that must go to the top of my list:  my brother’s and sister-in-law’s wedding quilt (they celebrate their 4th anniversary this year) and my husband’s Hawaiian shirts.  All I need to do for the quilt is find the binding and sew it on–a bit tedious, but easy.  I know the binding is around here somewhere; I just have to buckle down and start searching.  As for Steve’s shirts, they were birthday presents.  His birthday was in May.  Worse, I gave him an IOU for 2 more for our anniversary (also in May).  Of the 6 shirts he’s been promised, he has one. Now, in my (limited) defense, I did also make a matching shirt and jumper for Jeffrey and Lexie…but that’s really no excuse. So, I don’t get to cast on anything new until I finish a shirt, and I have to finish at least one shirt a month.

Family Hawaiian shirts

So, I guess that means it’s time to do #2 so I can tackle #5, since that’s the only way I can get to #1 and #4!



  1. You’re goals are definitely concrete! Good luck! I refuse to even make goals on new years.


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