Posted by: jinniver | December 15, 2008

Oh, I hope there’s snow

Christmas Snow 1 (5)

“What are you knitting me, Mommy?”

“I’m making you mittens.  I’m using this pretty green yarn–do you like it?”


“It matches your eyes.”


“Well, what color are your eyes?”


“And what color is the yarn?”


“So it matches your eyes!”

“Noooooo!  It’s for my hands!”

Ok, they’re for his hands. But I still say they match his eyes!

Christmas Snow 1 (2)

We’ll be traveling to Pennsylvania to visit my family for Christmas this year.  Mittens aren’t really much of a requirement here in south Texas (although it does get cold–today started out in the mid-60s, but a cold front roared through and we were in the low 40s by noon, not counting the wind chill), but he’ll need them in the northeast.  And I am so hoping for some snow.  Not a lot, just about 9-12 inches–enough for a small snowman and a good snowball battle.  After all, my little guy is almost 4 years old and he’s never seen snow in real life.  The thought of seeing him and his GP (my dad) playing in the snow…oh, I hope, I hope, IhopeIhopeIhope!

Anyways, I had 6 skeins of Three Irish Girls’ Galenas Chunky, a bulky-weight 100% merino wool:  3 in a green semi-solid called Rowling; and 3 in a coordinating multi named Tolkein (both shown in the first picture in yesterday’s post). That was plenty for a hat and mitten set for each kid–Jeffrey in the green and Lexie in the multi.  It took some searching to find a simple mitten pattern written for bulky yarn, but I finally found a new free Lion Brand pattern for Easy-Knit Mittens. I was a little confused by the pattern at first until I realized that–duh–it was written to be knit flat and seamed up. I “converted” it to knit in the round by simply joining the stitches after casting on and then following all the instructions as written. I had to modify the length and the thumbs–both were too short–but the end result fit perfectly (that’s the nice thing about knitting in the round with 2 circular needles; I was able to try the mitten on in progress and make changes on the fly). Now I just have to finish the matching hats that are kicking my butt, and then I can try to figure out Lexie’s mittens.

Christmas Snow 1 (4)



  1. We’ve got at least a good, solid 3-4 inches here, and still coming down!

  2. OH! What I wouldn’t do for 40 degree temps with a windchill. This morning the bank sign said it was -5, that is without the windchill. Currently, says it is 0 with a windchill of -16. Yay! We do have lots of snow, so you can always come to MN and we will share with you!

  3. We’re in NJ and got 2 inches last night, I don’t know where in PA you’re going, but siince I’m really really really hoping for snow, maybe I can get a good enough circumference that you’ll get it to ( ducks the stuff every one else in NJ is now throwing at me)


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