Posted by: jinniver | December 8, 2008

Caps for Connor: Success

145 caps, in less than a month.

I first mentioned the Caps for Connor drive on November 13th, bemoaned my photography challenges with the finished hats on November 28th, and showed off my contribution on December 1st.  By December 5th, knitters and crocheters around the world had made and donated 145 caps.

Our initial goal had been 200 caps, to cover every student and staff member at Connor’s school, but 145 caps meant we were only about 10 short of having one for every student.  So the principal donated enough school logo caps to ensure every student would have one.  He also modified the school dress code to allow for the wearing of hats during school hours, but only if it was a Connor Cap.  And although there weren’t enough handmade caps on Hat Day, every student who wants one will eventually have one; there are a few hats enroute from overseas that didn’t arrive in time, despite the makers’ best efforts, and a few people have volunteered to whip up a couple more if needed.

Beth, the organizer of the Caps for Connor effort, took the time to tag every hat with the name and location of the maker, so the kids knew where their hats had come from. And one of the teachers stayed after school the day before to hang 2 maps–a US map and a world map–and mark each city and town a cap had come from.

Beth also recorded a few videos, one of all the caps strung up in the school gym, and another of the kids selecting their hats. (Note: both links are to YouTube videos.) When the video of the kids selecting starts, you’ll see a young boy already at the clothesline picking his–that’s Connor!

To everyone who participated–thank you so very much!



  1. That is so cool!


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