Posted by: jinniver | December 1, 2008

Taking a knitting break…maybe

That’s the plan, anyway.  After churning out 7 blue, grey, and gold hats in 18 days, I’m ready to put down the needles for a bit.  I’m just about at the point where knitting is going to feel like a job instead of an enjoyable hobby, and I don’t want to get to that point.

I don’t begrudge a minute of the knitting I did for the last 18 days, of course.  The idea of helping knit enough hats for an entire school–from the youngest students to the staff–to show their support for a sick classmate is incredibly inspiring.  I can’t wait to see how many hats are awaiting Beth at the post office today (she was out of town for Thanksgiving, so we haven’t had an update for awhile).  Mine won’t be there, since I knit up ’til midnight last night, but they’re on their way and will be there by Wednesday.  And I’m so excited to hear how the Hat Day goes at school, and what Connor thinks of it all.  Even Jeffrey got into the act of knitting for Connor yesterday; he wrapped the yarn while I worked the needles of Hat #7.

Knitting Connor's Cap_edited

In the end, I knit more than twice as many hats as I thought I was capable of; I was aiming for three.

Connor's Caps

But now I’m ready for a break.  Knitting to a deadline isn’t my favorite thing to do, but the next items in my queue are all deadline knits:  hats for the kids before we travel to Pennsylvania (mid-December) and my Christmas knitting (December 25, obviously).  I might have to scale back the Christmas knitting, but that’s okay since none of those items are the primary gifts for the recipients–they’re more just because I want to knit something for them.  So I think I can safely take a day off.

Besides, I’m knitting hurt.  I’m not sure what I did to the middle finger of my right hand, but there’s a hard and very painful lump next to the nail.  I’m guessing an infected hangnail or ingrown nail.  Whatever it is, it’s gotten to the point where just pressing on something with that finger hurts (say, pushing keys to type), and bumping the swollen part brings tears to the eye.  (Did I mention I’m right handed?  Yeah.)  I’ve got a doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning, so it might be best to just take it easy until then.

So why do I have the pattern for the kids’ hats open on my computer?  And why do I have this strange compulsion to go get the yarn I’ll be using–just to plan the striping pattern, of course!–and gather up the needles?  I can tell myself all I want that I’m just getting organized for tomorrow…but I know better.

Obsession…it’s not a pretty thing, but at least it’s warm and cozy.

Edit:  Beth just reported in–she’s back from the post office with 28 boxes and envelopes!  And we know there’s more coming…we just might make this crazy goal!



  1. Congrats on the hats! I have officially decided that the items I wamt to make people will not be going out for Christmas , can’t do another deadline, those VJGC afghans killed me on deadlines. As I complete them , they will get mailed out.

  2. Holy COW, Jen, that’s scary awesome! of course, you tolerated my dishcloth jag, so that’s cool, but WOW. I love knitting hats and your combo is awesome but girrrrrrrrl. You’ve got scary hands!


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