Posted by: jinniver | November 28, 2008

Take two…or ten

Ah, finished object photography…the bane of every knitter trying to document her or his projects.

My first efforts at photographing finished objects–or my yarn stash–were, admittedly, kind of pathetic. There were some things I instinctively understood. I knew, for one, that wearable finished objects looked best when actually worn. So when I took pictures of my very first project to be documented in my Ravelry notebook, Stella’s Suede Booties, I popped them on Lexie’s feet for the photo session. At least, I popped on the first pair; she was in a rather wiggly mood and I figured 3 pairs would be pushing it:

Tan booties

Putting the booties on Lexie, however, were about the only thing I did right. The colors are off, the quality is poor, the picture is grainy…it’s not pretty. And it’s better than my first yarn pictures:

Yarns 026_edited

Yeah. Not much that can be said there, huh? The background is bad, the color is washed out by the flash, it’s not close enough for any detail but not far enough away to get a good color representation…it really doesn’t add much value to my notebook.

I’ve come a long way since then. I learned that natural sunlight was better than flash–but not direct sunlight, which can wash out colors as badly. I’m planning to build my own DIY lightbox for my yarn pictures. I try for good backgrounds that have some interest but aren’t too busy. I’ve had some successes…

Ravelympics hat (5) Striping 3-Ply Merino ocean (4)

…and I’ve had some misses.

Northern Lights shrug Malabrigo Merino turquoise (1)

The misses may not look too bad, but the picture on the left is a little out of focus, and that’s not the shade of blue that yarn really has.   And these are the misses that I kept.

That’s the key, really–if I take enough pictures, knowing and applying what I know these days, I’ll eventually get one that’s good…or at least usable.  Like this recent photo shoot with Jeffrey, when I was trying to get a picture of my most recent cap for Connor.  I had both kids at the time, which made it hard to go outside for pictures, so I was settling for an indoor shot…so I was already compromising my ideals.  All I wanted was a good picture of Jeffrey smiling and wearing the hat.  So here we go, for try #1:

Picture fail (1)
Oops…it’s devil child Jeffrey.

Try #2:

Picture fail (2)
No, that’s Woodstock Jeffrey.

Try #3:

Picture fail (3)
The-day-after-Woodstock Jeffrey.

Try #4:

Picture fail (4)
Dude, are you snoring?

Try #5:

Picture fail (5)
Oh, for Pete’s sake…just look at the camera, keep your eyes open, and smile, please!

Try #6:

Connor Cap 3 (2)

Now…how hard was that?



  1. Laughing out loud on this one! Too funny!


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