Posted by: jinniver | November 26, 2008

Spring is in the air

Since Jeffrey’s “school” is located almost directly behind our house, we walk to and from every day, weather permitting.  Today I’d bundled everyone up before we left since it had gotten cold overnight and my computer was telling it me it was in the low 60’s outside…and then I opened the front door and discovered my computer was lying.  Jackets were quickly tossed back into the closet.

On the walk home, I felt myself growing unaccountably cheerful.  Not that I started out today exceptionally gloomy, or anything, but I found myself smiling, looking around at things instead of running through today’s to-do list in my head, and walking with a bit of an extra bounce in my step.  Then I realized why:  spring was in the air.

Not literally, of course–I didn’t move to the southern hemisphere without telling anyone.  But the temperature was actually in the high 60’s, the sun was warm, and there was just that touch of dampness.  The local birds were feeling a bit frisky and either flying around or singing.  And one of my neighbors was mowing his lawn, so I could smell the fresh-cut grass.  Recent rains had the grass and trees green again, so it felt like spring, sounded like spring, smelled like spring, and looked like spring.

In other words, it’s hard to even think about Christmas knitting right now.

Of course, until I finish up my caps for Connor, I’m not doing any Christmas knitting anyway.  But the weather outside has me thinking about a project that I’ve been ruminating on for a while now.  Some time ago, I ran across a fair isle project on Ravelry that used black for the background.  At the time, I thought that was pretty neat, giving sort of a stained glass window look, and filed it away in the back of my mind.  I didn’t realize it was still percolating back there until a glimpse of Artsygal’s new stripey yarns brought the idea back to the forefront.  It occurred to me that if I matched those yarns with a black, I’d get gradual color changes running up through the fair isle design…and with that vague idea I grabbed 2 sets of the stripey yarns (which means moving fast–those yarns sell out almost as soon as she gets them in her shop!  See the note at bottom if you want a hint on how to get your hands on some).

One of the sets was for me–I loved the blues and greens, and the shock of maroon she added just enhanced the cooler colors.  That yarn will become socks for me:

Striping 3-Ply Merino ocean (2)Striping 3-Ply Merino ocean (3)

But the other yarn, with the bright neon rainbow colors, would be perfect for Lexie.  A cardigan, I decided, with a black background and a fair isle design running through these colors:

Striping 3-Ply Merino rainbow (2)Striping 3-Ply Merino rainbow (3)

But what should the fair isle design look like?

I hadn’t come to any decision on that question…until this morning as I pushed the stroller along in the warn sunlight, watching Lexie watch the birds and playing peekaboo with her over the top of her seat.  I’ll be knitting this cardigan to fit Lexie next year, since there’s no chance I’ll have it done in time to wear this year.  And we won’t be in Texas next winter.  We don’t know where we’ll be yet, but odds are very good it’ll be some place where I can’t walk the kids to school wearing t-shirt, shorts, and sandals the day before Thanksgiving.  So this cardigan will be designed to remind us of the early winters of Lexie’s birthstate of Texas…which is spring everywhere else.

Note:  If you love those stripey yarns as much as I do, want a decent chance at getting something, and are on Ravelry, you can join Artsygal’s group, ArtsyAddictsrav_link.  We always get a heads up when more of the yarn is appearing in the store!



  1. Love both those yarns! It’s 41 in NJ and feels warm after last week! I unloaded an entire truck in a sweatshirt and fingerless gloves – no coat wheee!


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