Posted by: jinniver | November 22, 2008

Cure for Scrooge-itis

Scrooge-itis struck me the other day.

I’m one of those rare people who actually enjoy going to the mall between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I adore the bustle of Christmas shopping, all of the decorations, the canned Christmas music, seeing the kids lined up to tell Santa what they want…

Key point of the above:  between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Yesterday, almost a full week before Thanksgiving, I went to the mall.  The trees were up.  The decorations were hanging from the ceiling.  Santa had set up shop and already had a chubby toddler perched on his knee.  Tired Christmas music drifted through the area.

There was nothing of a Christmas feeling.  It wasn’t cheerful and merry.  It was…depressing and forced.  I know merchants have been forcing Christmas earlier and earlier, but as long as they at least pretended to respect Thanksgiving by waiting until Black Friday, that was alright with me.  It gave me an excuse to start playing Mannheim Steamroller before December 1st.  But for the first time, the mall actually brought out an inner Scrooge I didn’t know I had.

So I came home and checked out something guaranteed to revive my happy Christmas feelings.

I’ve been a member of the Three Irish GirlsStash Menagerie Club from its inception earlier this year.  I’d been wanting to join a yarn club for some time but hadn’t really found one that I liked.  I wanted hand-dyed yarn, a variety of yarn types, and the ability to buy enough yarn to make more than just a hat or a pair of gloves–something I could really build up my stash with.  I love Three Irish Girls’ colorways, and I was able to sign up for the 3-skein-a-month option, with the ability to add more skeins of either of that month’s colorways–because Sharon always designs 2 colorways.  One is a variegated yarn with several different colors, and one is a coordinating semi-solid.  Club members can choose either the variegated yarn or the semi-solid, or a combination thereof…or opt to be surprised.

I’ve never been disappointed by a yarn club selection.  I tend to prefer the variegated yarns, because I like all the different colors…but last month I doubled up my order to get 3 skeins of each.

In July, the first month, I chose Lady Slipper.

3IG BFL July 08

In August, it was Arctic Circle.

3IG Riddermark Aug 08 (2)

In September, Barcelona, which is currently my favorite yarn from the club.

3IG Elenya Alpaca Barcelona (1)

And in October, I chose both Tolkein (left) and Rowling (right).

Galenas Chunky Tolkein (2)Galenas Chunky Rowling (1)

November’s order hasn’t been shipped out yet, but I’m really looking forward to my Petit Fours. Still, it’s not the one I consulted to bring back my Christmas feelings. It was the December yarns I turned to.

It’s not just the colorways, although I love them, it’s how they came about.  For December, Sharon put out a call for ideas in our Ravelry group, and then let us vote.  There were all sorts of great ideas, but in the end the winner was gingerbread browns and reds.  Gingerbread…like Gingerbread House!  Very Christmasy.  And Sharon paired it with a semi-solid red called Cinnamon Spice, which is something my grandmother’s house always smelled like around Christmas as she did her baking.

I also used the December yarns of Three Irish Girls’ other yarn club, the Sock Yarnista Club, to bring back those Christmas feelings.  While we actually discussed colors, including posting pictures of the colors we had in mind, the Sock Yarnistas proposed colorway names that invoked Christmas (or, more broadly, the holiday season).  The voting was even more hotly contested in this group, and Sharon opted for a different approach:  instead of having a variegated yarn and a coordinating semi-solid, she came up with 2 different variegated yarns: Mulled Wine and Jack Frost.  To me, they actually are the perfect pair.  Jack Frost invokes the feelings of a snow-covered landscape with that pale blue sky that’s beautiful to see but makes you feel even colder…and then you get indoors and settle before a roaring fire with a warming cup of Mulled Wine in your hand.

The discussions and the yarns…together, they brought back memories of childhood Christmases and good times with families.  My Scrooge-itis has been cured.



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