Posted by: jinniver | November 20, 2008

When life interferes with knitting

It’s been doing that to me a lot this week.  Steve announced his intention to do a major field day at the house on Saturday–we have, admittedly, been letting some of the neatness and cleaning slip.  So I decided, since he’s been working 12 hour days on the ship for the past 2 weeks, and would be doing so again this week, I could take care of a lot of that myself.  I’ve been getting an object lesson on why it’s better to do a little bit at a time…for one thing, hard water is an unforgiving foe.  It’s taken me 3 trips to the store, and 4 different cleaning projects, but we can see through the shower door again.

I’d resigned myself to not getting much knitting done until Sunday, but Steve’s crew did exceptionally well during this week’s inspection, and they actually wrapped up yesterday.  So, unexpectedly, I was able to go to tonight’s Sit ‘n Knit at Knotty Girl.  I made sure I had everything I needed to start work on my 3rd Connor’s Cap, and headed out the door ready for some serious knitting.

I came home with 4 rows done.

This time, however, the life interruption was so much more welcome.  I spent part of the night cuddling 6 lbs of totally adorable newborn baby girl.  Much of the rest was spent either discussing said totally adorable newborn baby girl or simply admiring her total adorableness…probably with a completely sappy look on my face.

I can’t help it.  I adore babies.  And little Zoe has been much awaited by our knitting group.  She apparently picked up on that, because she chose to make her appearance 4 weeks early, but after some time in the NICU she’s home and completely healthy, as is mom Gavi.  The only disappointing part of the night was that I didn’t have the baby cardigan I’d knit for Zoe with me.  It’s still missing the button, but that’ll take only a couple minutes to add.  I even paused before I headed out the door and thought about running upstairs to get it on the off chance that mom and baby would be there, but then decided Gavi might not feel up to it yet.  Ah, well.  She didn’t leave empty-handed, because another of our knitting group finished her beautiful cardigan and hat set for Zoe.

Meeting Zoe today left me a little extra nostalgic.  Today was the day I took Lexie, my baby girl, to get her one year pictures taken.  Although Jeffrey insists Baby Lexie (as he still calls her) is not a baby:  “She’s not a baby.  She’s 1 year old.  She’s big!”  Still, she’ll always be my baby (a fact that is guaranteed to embarrass her starting about 9 years from now), and to see her standing next to that big 1 prop brought home how much she’s growing…and how she’s just going to keep growing.  But it was holding Zoe, and remembering that the tiny body I cradled a year ago was my little girl, that clinched it.


Time to start knitting some bigger sweaters.



  1. But Lexie is a little lady! And she’s adorable.


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