Posted by: jinniver | November 13, 2008

Can you knit (or crochet) for Connor?

Beth, a fellow Raveler, has just put out a call for help.  Her young son’s best friend, Connor, has been sick since the summer with a mysterious illness that doctors were struggling to diagnose.  They’ve finally found the answer:  9-year-old Connor has Gliomatosis cerebri, which is a rare and aggressive brain tumor that is usually found in adults.  I didn’t realize how bad that was until I read the linked Wikipedia article; surgery is not recommended because the tumor tends to be diffused, and even with treatment, life expectancy is about a year.  Connor’s cancer was Stage III when diagnosed.

I can’t even begin to wrap my head around what this little boy must be feeling…let alone what his parents are thinking.  Jeffrey was puzzled last night when I grabbed him and gave him a tight squeeze after reading Beth’s original post.  But one thing I do know, courtesy of Beth, is that Connor really wasn’t looking forward to starting his chemotherapy and radiation treatments…in part because he didn’t want to lose his hair.  Already some of his classmates have discussed shaving their own heads in support, and as a knitter, Beth decided to knit her son a cap in their school colors to show her support.  After all, they live in Wisconsin, and it’s winter up there–they’re going to need hats!

That’s when Beth decided to reach out to the knitting community for help.  Wouldn’t it be cool if every student and staff member at Connor’s school had a knit hat in their school colors to show their support?  So she’s issued the call for Connor’s Caps, and I hope you’re able to answer.  Beth has set up a page on her website describing the project, but here are the basics:  she’s needs about 200 caps in blue, grey, and gold (the school colors) that will fit a range of people from 3-year-olds to 8th graders, as well as some adults.  The school is having a hat day on December 5, so Beth is asking for caps to reach her by December 1.  I know that’s a bit of a deadline, but if you’re able to set aside some other knitting for this worth cause, I know it will mean a lot to a 9-year-old boy who needs all the support he can get right now.

You can contact Beth via her website, or if you leave a comment here asking for her email address, I can email that to you.  Please help Beth help Connor!

Edit:  I added crochet to the blog title so anyone who’d rather crochet knows his/her hats would be equally welcome!  As a non-crocheter, I tend to default to knitting when I talk about yarn crafts, but crocheted hats are just good.  Also, if you have a blog of your own and you would like to post about Connor’s Caps, please do so!  You are more than welcome to link to this blog post or to Beth’s blog.  And thank you!

Edit 2:  For Ravelry members, Beth has started a group called Connor Caps.rav_link



  1. Jen… is it ok if I link from my blog to here or to Beth’s website? You know about my personal history with brain tumors, and I’d like to spread the word…


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