Posted by: jinniver | November 3, 2008

I’ve been chummed!

If you’ve read the post below this one (and you should, since there are 2 $50 gift certificates for hand-dyed yarn up for grabs…), you know that a) I’m fairly new to knitting and b) have only recently been discovering the delights available for knitters on the internet.  I’m also just now becoming familiar with the big names in knitting, both the well-known traditional ones (like the late Elizabeth Zimmermann) or the newer ones who take advantage of today’s technology to interact with their fellow knitters, like Lime & Violet.

I first heard of Lime & Violet through–where else?–Ravelry, and learned there they have a podcast where they talk about knitting.  What I didn’t realize was that they also have a blog, Lime & Violet: The Daily Chum.  A variety of authors post small articles about various knitted goods–fiber, yarn, patterns, etc.–that readers might want to check out.  I found out about the blog when I got a PM on Ravelry from someone wanting to post about The Accidental Hat.  I have to admit, I was a bit surprised.  It seemed…sort of simple, compared to their usual fare.  And was I really ready to have that big of an audience know that I’m the sort of person who can accidentally end up with a hat while knitting a backpack?

Then I realized that of course I was, or why else would have blogged about it in the first place?  Or posted the pattern on Ravelry?  So I said sure, and today I saw a post in one of my Ravelry groups about The Accidental Hat in the Daily Chum. The poster points out that it’s a simple knit with large yarn, so it would make a great quick holiday gift knit–I hadn’t thought about that, but it’s a good point.  So now my fellow Ravelry Nascar fans are teasing me about being “famous”…wait until they ask for an autograph!

Queue The Accidental Hat on Ravelry!



  1. Autographs? Where? Which fence do I have to get to??? 😉


  2. Do I need to bring my own Sharpie?

  3. Since I picked the under in the over/under on “How long will it take a go fast. knit to show here with a smart comment, I win. 😉

  4. I’ll have to get a NASCAR t-shirt next year and just have all the “famous” people in the group sign it, you sunnyspirit23 etc!!

    May confuse the fans in my section hee hee he

  5. Hey, I want an autograph too!! After all, I’m the one who pointed it out to all your Nascar fans! lol


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