Posted by: jinniver | October 27, 2008

An update on the free Creme patterns from Crystal Palace

Way back in April, I posted about Crystal Palace’s intent to remove the free Creme patterns from their site, since the yarn was being discontinued.  I was really impressed with how they were handling the removal–unlike some recent instances, Crystal Palace gave notice of their intent, and when people started asking why they’d remove the patterns (since they could always knit them with yarns other than Creme), Susan Druding from Crystal Palace offered a great explanation–and a heads up that the rest of the inventory was being sold by Little Knits.

For introducing me to the greatest online yarn store I know, I owe Crystal Palace a vote of thanks.  And now they’re impressing me even more.  The Creme patterns are actually still up on their site 6 months later (plenty of advance notice!), but they’ve given notice on the site that they’ll be coming down in a week or two.  Someone in the Little Knits group on Ravelry gave a heads up about the two week warning, to which Fulay responded with the news that Crystal Palace has given Little Knits the ok to offer the patterns as a download once they come off the Crystal Palace site.  It makes perfect sense since Little Knits still has Creme for sale (at 50-60% off!), but it’s just another example of a yarn company getting it right.



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