Posted by: jinniver | October 7, 2008

We are experiencing technical difficulties

This is not what my laptop screen is supposed to look like:


Expensive laptop + 11-month-old child = really glad we sprung for the accidental damage warranty add-on. Otherwise, I’d be finding out just how expensive an LCD screen is.

Right now I’m getting by with my laptop hooked up to my husband’s computer screen, but that’s only a temporary work-around (eventually, Steve’s going to want it back). Soon, hopefully, I’ll be receiving the box from Dell that I can pack the computer in to ship off to their depot for repairs. But that’s going to be a very long couple of weeks…  And it will probably be a quiet couple of weeks for The Sarah Winchester of Fiber Arts, so let me apologize in advance.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to make it up to you.  Heck, without access to my laptop, I might actually get some knitting and sewing done!

Edit:  I’ll give this to Dell–they’re quick.  I called 2 days ago to report that I needed the repair; the shipping box was on my front step yesterday.  I might’ve been able to get the laptop out yesterday, but I started experiencing separation anxiety.  But, as one of my Ravelry friends pointed out, the sooner I ship it out, the sooner I’ll get it back…and the depot is in nearby Houston.  The DHL pick-up is scheduled for no later than 5 pm today…



  1. *sniff* I’ll miss you!!!

  2. My husband recently did this to our 47″ Flatscreen tv in our livingroom. You can imagine what I wanted to do to him.

  3. Ouch! My stomach churned when I saw that photo and realized just what it was. I walk around the house with my laptop in hand as I move from one room to the other so often that I just KNOW one day I’m going to end up doing something like that. And my warranty has long since expired! I guess I better start up a new laptop fund – it’s only a matter of time!


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