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Knotty Girl in the News

The second segment being shot live at Knotty Girl this morning on our local news show (Channel 3 KIII) focused on needlepoint and was being set up at the front of the shop.  It was going to feature Kay, who does gorgeous needlepoint, but then the LYSO Ann and reporter Sabrina decided they wanted to have a crocheter and knitter up there “in the background.”  Gloria was the only one crocheting, so Ann asked for knitting volunteers.  There was a bit of silence, and then I volunteered.  I’d been background for the first segment, so it wasn’t that big of a deal.

At least, it wasn’t until suddenly there was a microphone in front of me.

KG in the news (6) small
I stitch next to fellow Knotty Girl Valorie

For the record, you know you love your local yarn store when your alarm sounds at 3:30 in the morning and you don’t turn it off and go back to sleep. Knotty Girls Yarn was being featured on KIII’s morning news show, and Ann had asked a number of the regulars if we could come in at 5 a.m. for the show.  It sounded like fun, and Steve’s schedule allowed for him to get to the ship a bit later than usual, so I promised to be there.

KG in the news (8) small

I pulled up about the same time as the news van–I was moving a little more quickly than I expected–and after claiming a seat on the couch in the back, I helped Ann a bit with set up.  Sabrina and Ann discussed what the three segments would focus on and where they would be shot, along with photographer Mitch.  Sabrina, as expected, was quite friendly and bubbly, just as on TV; Mitch was an extremely likeable young man who joked easily with us as the morning wore on.

KG in the news (1) small

Photographer Mitch

Soon there were eleven of us there to knit, crochet, and stitch, and Sabrina shot the tease.  “And we are hanging out with the Knotty Girls this morning, who are teaching me all the tricks they can do with sticks!”  We managed to avoid laughing until Mitch indicated we were clear, but the “Knotty/naughty” and needle puns continued throughout the show–Sabrina let us know what the anchors were saying.

KG in the news (4) small
Ann, Knotty Girl’s owner, and reporter Sabrina

The first segment shot was a little background about why knitting is popular and Ann opening the store, and some info on crochet (if you go here, you can see video of the first segment, with me busily being background as I work on my shrug).  Then we moved around for the second segment.  We were sitting around the table in the front, with Kay on the right with Gloria crocheting next to her.  Ann and Sabrina stood next to each other directly behind the table, and then I was on their other side.  The segment began, and Sabrina and Ann discussed needlepoint with Kay a bit…and then Sabrina asked Ann about the differences between needlepoint, crochet, and knitting.  They talked needlepoint, then crochet, and then Ann pointed out that I was working on a pair of socks (actually, it’s Jeffrey’s fingerless glove, but to that point they were indistinguishable from socks, so close enough).  That’s when Sabrina leaned over.

“This is hard work,” Sabrina said–who seemed to have been taken by my small (size US1) needles and stitches, and held the microphone out to me.

I really had not expected to actually speak, but on watching the video later (I recorded it at home), I was relieved to see I didn’t sound or look flustered (though I was a bit!).  “It’s actually not as hard as it might look,” I said.  “It takes a little bit of time to get used to.”

Fortunately, at that point they turned back to Kay, who’d mentioned she’d been knitting since she was 12–quite a long time since she’s now 79 (Sabrina had asked if she minded if she said Kay’s age on television, and Kay’s answer was, “Of course not!  I’m quite proud to have made it to this point!”).  Kay explained that her mother had taught her to knit during World War II, and they had knit sweaters for the British soldiers.

KG in the news (5) small
Several of the Knotty Girls; Kay is standing in the back in the white sweater

The third segment focused on the charity work the guild does–we knit Angel Blankets for Driscoll Childrens Hospital; if parents want to spend some time holding their babies after they’ve passed away, Driscoll has a special room for them, and the babies are wrapped in an Angel Blanket which the parents can keep as a momento of their child.  The guild also knits helmet liners for service members–made of wool (no acrylic allowed for safety reasons), they’re really good at cushioning the helmet and absorbing sweat–and we’re working on scarves and spa clothes for a breast cancer awareness fair Knotty Girls and the other stores in the strip will be hosting in October.

That segment was the last one featuring the store, although Sabrina used it as background for one last tease for the weekend show (she’s a weekend anchor, as well), so we got ourselves packed up.  Many of the ladies were having breakfast together at Cracker Barrel, but I had to pass to get back home so Steve could leave for the ship.  As we left the store, several of us agreed that there was one benefit to being up at the crack of dawn:  we got to see a beautiful sunrise.

KG in the news (9)

By the time I got home, though, I was driving through a thunderstorm, so I dashed into the house via the garage.  As I stepped in the door, I heard Steve call, “Come here quick!” so I hurried in to the living room, where Steve was replaying the second segment.  There sat Jeffrey on the couch, wide-eyed.  With a huge grin on his face, he pointed at the TV and told me, “There’s Mommy!”

I guess I had at least one fan today!



  1. Jen, you’re famous! I’m so excited. I found an article about it on the website thru the link, but I’m going to try to find the video. Soooo cool!


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