Posted by: jinniver | August 13, 2008

Texie, following in big brother’s footsteps

About three weeks ago, I introduced Tex, the Traveling Teddy.  I signed Tex up for a Traveling Teddy group on behalf of my son, Jeffrey.  Tex recently completed his visit to Gettysburg, PA and has just arrived in Michigan (he’ll be going to Stitches Midwest–how cool is that?).  Now, Jeffrey’s old enough to enjoy the stories of his teddy on the road, whereas Lexie would be pretty much oblivious…now.  In a couple years, though, she’ll also be old enough to enjoy hearing about her teddy traveling around the U.S.  And that meant Mommy needed to get another teddy, join another Traveling Teddy Round Robin…and knit another backpack.

My first attempt did not go as planned, but it turned into a happy accident.  Still, that left me without a backpack–and the group leader suddenly sent out the addresses and reminded everyone that the teddies needed to be mailed out on Wednesday.  I didn’t even have anything started.  So whatever I knit had to go together pretty quickly.

I returned to my first idea of a drawstring backpack, but instead of trying my first felting project I decided to stay with the same yarn in a different colorway.  After all, Tex is the classic messanger bag type, and the black and gray colorway went well.  His younger sister, Texie (named after both big brother and her buddy Lexie), is lively and colorful, and she needed a spunky bag to match.

Texiebackpack (3)

The bag body knit up quickly in the round. My original plan had been for an I-cord drawstring, but it turned out bulkier than I liked. The ribbon yarn was strong enough to be used in just one string, so that’s what I opted for.

Texiebackpack (6) Texiebackpack (7)

Texiebackpack (4)

The bag was smaller than Tex’s, but plenty big for any trinkets Texie might collect. Once the drawstring was inserted, I knit the straps using a similar technique to the first bag–picking up stitches and then shifting to I-cord.

Texiebackpack (5)

The final bag turned out exactly like I wanted, which is good since Texie had to head out today and I didn’t have time to knit anything else!

Texiebackpack (1)

Texie is enroute to California now, along with her awesome backpack. If you’re looking for a backpack for your traveling teddy (or any other toy), give Texie’s backpack a try: Texie’s Backpack.

Queue Texie’s Backpack on Ravelry!



  1. Love the braided look of the arm straps – so cute!

    I’ll keep my eyes peeled for a Texie sighting over in the Central Coast area. Bears like Pismo Beach and Clam Chowder, right? LOL.


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