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The Accidental Hat

AccidentalHat (5)

It was supposed to be a backpack.  Seriously.

I’d purchased three skeins of Cascade Yarn’s Nikki with the intent of making at least one of them into a backpack for Lexie’s Traveling Teddy Bear (named Texie, since she’s the “younger sister” of Jeffrey’s Traveling Teddy Tex). I’d decided that this time I wanted a felted bag–I’d originally planned to make one with the same yarn I’d used for Tex’s, but I changed my mind. This time, I wanted something completely different.

So now I had different yarn–I wanted a different pattern.  So I planned for a drawstring bag with shoulder straps.  It would be easy enough–I could knit in the round until it was the length I wanted and then do some rapid decreasing to get the bag, then I’d knit the drawstring I-cord and straps seperately and felt the lot before sewing them together.  Since the Traveling Teddy Round Robin is slated to start soon, I’d been working away on the bag and was almost done by Saturday morning.  Even though I had some Ravelympics knitting to do, I decided to take the bag with me to Knotty Girls to finish.

There were only three of us there to knit, and we chatted as we worked.  “Oh, are you making a hat?” asked one of my fellow Knotty Girl Knitters as she got her first look at the project on my needles.

I explained what I was working on, and we knit away as we chatted.  I was winging this project, as usual, but I’d learned the hard way to take notes in case I ever wanted to replicate something I made.  Finally, I reached the point where it looked just like I wanted, so I snipped the yarn, drew the tail through the last 5 stitches, tied off, and weaved in the ends.  Then I looked at what I had in my hands.

It looked like a hat. And it looked like it would fit me. So I pulled it on, just for laughs.

AccidentalHat (4)

The other two knitters looked at me…and started grinning. “It’s a really cute hat,” said the same knitter, and they both agreed. At that point, I had to take a look for myself, so I ducked in to the bathroom for a peek in the mirror.

I was laughing and shaking my head when I came back out.  “Don’t you like it?” I was asked.

Oh, I liked it all right…so much so that it’ll never be a backpack.

Download here: The Accidental Hat

Even Jeffrey likes it!

AccidentalHat (7)

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