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LYS Review: Little Knits in Seattle, Washington

Back when I first learned that Crystal Palace Yarns was discontinuing their Creme yarns, I also learned that the stock of Creme they had left was being sold at Little Knits. I’d never heard of that yarn store before, but I loved the soon-to-be-deleted Creme yarns patterns, so I decided to grab some of the yarn while it was still available.

As it turned out, Little Knits is an amazing online yarn store.  They have an extensive and varied selection of yarns, and yarns are frequently sold for deep discounts.  I purchased several yarns along with the desired Creme yarns and mentally marked LK down as a place to revisit.  Recently, I got an email from them announcing their summer sale, and I was so eager to jump on some of the offerings that I failed to read the entire email and realize there was a code to add to get free shipping.  So, having already placed my order, I emailed them hoping that just maybe they could help–my shipping costs were almost $20–but understanding if the extra admin was too much.  But as soon as my email was seen, my shipping costs were immediately refunded.  Now that’s customer service.  Oh, and I wasn’t the only one who thought the yarns we got were gorgeous.


When I posted about my experience on Ravelry someone pointed out the Little Knits group, which I joined.  That’s when I learned that LK is also a brick and mortar store located in Seattle, Washington.  In the course of that conversation, Fulay (the owner) added, “Next time you are in WA please do drop by.”

Funny she should say that.

Now that my husband and I are, in fact, in Washington state visiting his family, I took Fulay up on her offer and dropped by Little Knits.  We’re actually spending most of our time in northern Washington, a couple hours away from Seattle, and we only had one free day when we were actually staying in Seattle.  Naturally, that wasn’t a day that LK was open for retail sales.  However, when I let Fulay know I was in town, she enthusiastically invited me to drop by anyway (and as we were arriving, another customer was leaving, so I wasn’t the only one).

Fulay and staff were warmly welcoming, even though I invaded with husband, toddler, and baby in tow while they were in the midst of reorganizing, restocking, and packing up orders to ship.  As for me, I never really understood the phrase “kid in a candy store” until I walked through the door.  LK is located in a house in a residential district, so there are several rooms in the front that are floor to ceiling cubbies jammed fulled of yarn…and bags of yarn stacked on top.  I’m afraid I was probably a little antisocial for the first several moments as I walked around with mouth slightly agape.

LKvisit (1)

I probably could have bought something out of every cubby above…but I tried to be a little reasonable.  And I wasn’t the only one captivated by all of the glorious colors and sensual textures:

LKvisit (2)

This wasn’t Jeffrey’s first visit to a yarn store, but it was the first time he was really interested in what was on the shelves.  In fact, he even picked out a ball of Zwerger Garn Opal Neon in bright pink, orange, lime green, blue and purple, and asked me to knit him somthing with it.

Yarn 072508 (12)

Who can say no to that? So I added it to my rapidly growing pile of “wants.”  It was amazingly difficult to narrow that pile down to a reasonable amount–see those two beautiful skeins I’m holding below?  Neither one came home with me!–but despite the fact that I dithered and wandered aimlessly, I never had the sense that I was anything but a welcome addition to what must have already been a chaotic day.

LKvisit (4)

Someone in the LK group recommended that I check my restraint at the door–after the fact, as it turned out, but I’d already followed that advice without having read it first.  She was right.  Come here planning to do some serious shopping, especially since you’ll be paying a very reasonable price even if the yarn you select is not deeply discounted as some are.  The selection is to die for, and the service couldn’t be friendlier.  This is on my “must visit” list from now on every time we travel out west.  Thanks, Fulay & Co.!

My purchases from Little Knits (other than the Opal pictured above):

Noro Taiyo (10 balls) & FlyDesigns Peek a Boo Fly (1 skein)
Yarn 072508 rav (39) Yarn 072508 rav (11)

Art Yarns Kid Mohair (1 skein) & Hand Maiden Lady Godiva (1 skein)

Yarn 072508 rav (23) Yarn 072508 rav (20)

Hand Maiden Silken (3 skeins) & Hand Maiden SeaSilk (1 skein)

Yarn 072508 rav (4) Yarn 072508 rav (6)



  1. Thank you for dropping by and allowing us to meet your family. Hugs to your lovely daughter and super cute son. I hope your time in WA was a great one.

    And, many thanks for your kind words and the review. It was a pleasure having you at the store. 🙂

  2. Love the pictures of your children — sooo cute, and they know fun stuff to play with when they see it!

    Love your blog — I’ll be back for a frequent visit! Hope you don’t mind if I link you to my wordpress blog!

    Beth J.

  3. Hello Sarah. I love your “review” about your visit in the store 😉
    I live in Redmond (WA) and usually buy yarn on, but I’d like to visit them in Seattle. Do you remember the address? I can’t find them on internet 😦
    Thank you very much and good luck!

  4. I would be thrill if I could come by to see all trha yarn. I’ll be in Seattle on Feb 25 through March 2.
    I would appreciate it very much if I could have the addess and times that I could visit.
    Thank you very much.


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