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Tex, the Traveling Teddy

One of the many things I love about Ravelry is the number of groups without a knitting/crocheting theme.  Although the members of the group always work knitting/crocheting into their discussions to a greater or lesser extent, the main purpose is to discuss or do something else.  Thanks to these groups, I’ve had a chance to do things I’ve never done before–like the Blues Block Swap.

Most recently, I’ve signed up for the Traveling Teddy group.  Someone from the group posted that they had opened sign-ups for a new round if anyone was interested.  I was intrigued enough to check it out.  There are two different types of traveling teddies in the group:  one type consists of just one bear who visits the houses of all the members in the round; the other is a round robin where everyone has their own bear who makes the rounds and collects mementos along the way before returning home.  After some thought, I decided that option #2 sounded like a lot of fun.  I could involve Jeffrey in the game, and we could track our teddy bear’s progress around the U.S. on the map in his room.  He’d also love seeing all the goodies the bear returned home with, as well as showing the visiting bears all the sights in Corpus Christi.

The first order of business was to find a bear, and I picked up a 9″ bear at a local toy store.  Since he’s from Texas, he’s been christened Tex.  Now Tex needed some luggage to stow his souvenirs from his travel in.  I wasn’t sure how one obtained bear-sized luggage, and then someone mentioned the obvious–knit or crochet him some.

I asked the group if anyone knew of any knitting patterns, but before anyone had a chance to answer, I decided to try to tackle this myself.  I decided to use the Yarn Bee Aurora ribbon yarn I bought some time ago, and after much deliberation, chose the black and gray colorway to give Tex a touch of class.  The pattern I devised is extremely simple:  one long body piece that is folded in roughly thirds, to form the pouch and the flap; 2 sides sewn to the body to add a bit of roominess; and 2 I-cord straps that are knit right from the body.  The pattern is easily customizable for bears of any size.  So from this:

Tex's backpack (2)
(The body piece is already folded in the picture.)

I got this:

Tex's Backpack (7) blog

He looks pretty sharp, doesn’t he?

Tex's Backpack (5) blog

Have backpack, will travel!  If you’ve got a traveling teddy swap coming up–or would just like to make a backpack for a favorite toy or stuffed animal (in purple yarn and felted, this would be a great Backpack for Dora the Explorer)–here’s the pattern:  Tex’s Backpack.

Tex's Backpack (6) blog

Going my way?

Stay tuned to this spot for more on Tex’s travels, and the visits of his fellow Traveling Teddies–they will be featured on this blog!

Queue Tex’s Backpack on Ravelry!



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