Posted by: jinniver | July 22, 2008

Are you a Ravthlete?

I had thought my days of athletic endeavors were long part.  I’ve never really been very athletic to begin with–there was a reason my family nicknamed me “Grace,” and it wasn’t a complimentary one.  I did participate in organized sports in high school:  I was the only girl on the co-ed soccer team until my senior year, when a leadership position in marching band forced me to choose (for the record–not a hard choice); my sophomore year I got a wild hair and decided to play softball despite not having ever done more than play catch with my dad (I was the starting catcher by the end of the season, then the next year learned to pitch and was a starting pitcher and back-up catcher).  I enjoyed playing–I really loved softball and Coach Harmon is still one of my all-time favorite people from high school–but to be honest, I was never more than acceptable in either sport.

At the Naval Academy, I decided to stick to intramural sports–all mids are required to play a sport, unless they participate in one of the few other activities that are allowed to substitute–because I valued what little free time I had.  My athletic competance, or lack thereof, continued unchanged from high school; I met minimum requirements in most P.E. classes (like sports, mandatory every semester), except for bowling and (surprisingly to most people who know me) the elective hand-to-hand combat class I took as a first class midshipman (senior), taught by a Marine and a Navy SEAL.  Yeah, that class rocked.  Once I graduated, my only requirements were regular P.T. in order to pass the semiannual Physical Readiness Test (PRT).  A little over seven years later, the Navy retired me, and I vowed my running days were over.  I never thought I’d do much athletic again.

But here I am, participating in an Olympic event!

Or rather, a Ravelympic event. I am taking part in…

The Ravelympics were the brainchild of a couple Ravelers (I can’t pin down from the group info exactly who, but when I think of the Ravelympics, I think of Raveler Kimberli.  It appears that this was a bit of a whim, with the organizers thinking they might get a couple hundred participants.  As of July 21, there are 1436 Ravthletes competing in 30 events.  Some Ravthletes are even participating in multiple events, and I’m one of them.  In my case, though, my dual competition is due to the fact that my planned project, a felted hat, crosses over two events–the Hat Dash and the Felted Freestyle.  Some people are doing multiple projects; others are doing one huge project (like the Sweater Sprinters).  The even is open to all–all that’s required is a desire to challenge yourself by casting on a project during opening ceremonies and completing it (or them) before the torch goes out in the closing ceremonies.

So, feel like recapturing (or capturing for the first time, as it may be) your athletic dreams from yesteryear?  Sign ups are open until August 6–come join us!



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