Posted by: jinniver | July 19, 2008

Farewell, flamingos

I put my last stitch into the neon flamingo fabric today, which means I can put away my sewing sunglasses.  I wasn’t sure how Jeffrey would take to his shirt.  He knew I’d made an outfit out of the same fabric for Lexie, so when he saw this one he insisted it was Lexie’s.  At one point, I wanted him to try it on to check the length, and that ended up requiring a small bribe…and then he was quite put out to discover it didn’t have any buttons yet.  So I wasn’t too sanguine about my chances of getting him into the finished shirt for a final fitting and some pictures.

Apparently the finished project was acceptable.

Jeffrey Hawaiian Shirt blog (3)

I was pretty happy with the outcome.  I have done a shirt before, obviously, but this pattern had some significant differences–none of which are readably visibile.  But it’s got a reinforced facing on the opening that Steve’s shirt doesn’t, the collar attaches quite differently, and sleeves called for a rather intricate hemming sequence.

Jeffrey Hawaiian Shirt (1)

I did make two changes to the pattern as written. I decided to ignore the sleeve hem instructions and did the sleeve the same way I do it for Steve’s shirt. Part of the reason for the way the pattern was written was that the shirt is a unisex pattern with the option of adding some lace trim for a girl’s shirt.  I didn’t need that option, and I didn’t like the way the sleeves were cuffed on the outside.  It just struck me as an unnecessary invitation to snag on something, and I’ve spent too much time and effort on these shirts for that.  Also, I stitched a significantly smaller hem.  Jeffrey’s tall for his age–I’m making the 4T size instead of the 3T, but at 43″ Jeffrey’s above the 98th percentile in height for a 4-year-old…and he just turned 3 a few months ago.  So I knew if I wanted to avoid him looking like Britney Spears is his tummy baring role model, I needed to keep a close eye on length.

With Jeffrey’s grudging help, I figured out what I wanted to do with the hem…and apparently the buttons had been the deal-breaker previously, because once I had them sewn on, he was more than happy to wear the shirt and pose for pictures.  So I decided to press my luck:

Kids Hawaiian Shirt blog (1)

Kids Hawaiian Shirt blog (2)

I’m thrilled with how they turned out…and that I will never have to sew that fabric again (hint, hint, Steve!)



  1. Wow! Double cute!
    Your kids are precious.
    The outfits are both sharp.

    Poor Steve doesn’t get a flamingo shirt?

    Bless his heart. 😀

  2. Thank you! And Steve’s was finished first: 🙂 The only reason he wasn’t in the picture is because he didn’t get back from his out-of-town trip until the kids were in bed last night.


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