Posted by: jinniver | July 16, 2008

Attack of the Australian Flamingos

The upside down flamingos, as I shared earlier, have struck back.

Lexie Hawaiian Romper (1)

I’ve long since gotten over the mistake, and now I just chuckle at it.  Really, it’s so insignificant compared to what I achieved.  I’m partial to Simplicity patterns (this one is #3509) because they are simpler…relative to other patterns.  For someone with little to no clothing-making experience, such as myself, none of it is truly simple.  And this pattern was a definite step up from the shirt pattern I use for Steve’s shirts.  With that pattern, I could look at each pattern piece and tell exactly what they were and where they went in relation to each other.  Not so with this romper pattern.  In fact, I didn’t even know what some pieces were (what, I wondered, is a yoke?).

The pattern instructions weren’t always clear enough for me, especially with more unfamiliar terminology than I’ve encountered before.  The diagrams, which were all I had to go on sometimes, were small drawings.  Actual pictures, or larger drawings, would have been nice, but those aren’t really feasible in the pattern instructions.  So, probably half of the time it took me to make this romper was spent reading, re-reading, and re-re-reading the instructions before I picked up the pattern pieces and tried to hold them together in such a way that resembled the diagrams.  More than once, I almost picked up the phone and called my seamstress aunt, but since most crises happened well past bedtime on the East Coast, it forced me to persevere and figure it out on my own.

So I did.

Lexie Hawaiian Romper (2)

I chose the medium size for my 8 month old daughter–sizes skip from 6 months for the small to 12 months for the medium–and the resultant romper is a little large. But that’s much better than too small, for sure.

Lexie Hawaiian Romper (4)

Lexie certainly seemed to like it–in fact, the bright colors really caught her eye. One thing I did notice was that when Lexie is wearing the romper, the upside down flamingos are a lot less obvious. The seams in the middle of the front and back break up the expanse of fabric as seen by a viewer, and the normal bends and creases of a baby’s body break it up more. At least, that’s what I thought…

Lexie Hawaiian Romper (5)

“Mommy, my flamingos are upside down!”



  1. Absolutely precious!!! The dress and evenmoreso…Lexie!

  2. I must say that the model *makes* the outfit. 🙂


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