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Much too young to feel this old

In just over 2 weeks I will turn 34 years old.  I’ve never thought of mid-30s as being old, even when I was a teenager and apparently I was supposed to feel that everyone over the age of 21 had one foot in the grave.  Sure, I joked about “the big 3-0” like most people, but the only really memorable thing about that birthday is that I met my goal of conceiving my first child before my 30th birthday (since Jeffrey was born in early April of the following year, I just made my goal–but I made it!).  And having little ones around can definitely make you feel young–last night I was putting on a goofy show to make Lexie laugh, acting about as mature as the 3-year-old standing next to me as we competed to see who could make Lexie laugh more.  In fact, while I don’t feel old, I do feel finally feel mature enough to act immature without feeling self-conscious.

At least, I didn’t feel old.  I’m feeling kind of old now.  Why?  Blogs.

This blog is not the first I’ve posted on, but it’s the first one that is mine (I used to be a guest poster on my youngest brother’s blog before he closed it).  Occasionally, cool new things would appear, but I stopped asking him about them because every conversation confused me.  I’ve written computer code before, but never for websites:  in high school my computer programming class was about as basic as it could get (and this was pre-internet, so that was pretty durned basic sometimes) and my college coding culminated in a project to teach a robot to write.  You’d think that since I’ve learned other computer languages, html should not be that difficult.

At least that’s what I thought.  Then I came across a post on Ravelry about getting a Rav button for your blog.  You can see my shiny new button up there in the upper right corner, but don’t let it fool you–it was entirely a copy/paste job.  No thought required.  Where I really got into trouble was that the links about the Rav button led me down a rabbit hole regarding progress bars.  I’ve seen them on other blogs, like Cyn’s knitting blog (page down a bit and look for the Current Projects and Recently Finished Objects on the right – oh, and warning: this blog is fun but does contain adult language. You have been warned).  I started avidly reading the thread…and then I got lost.  On page 1 of 64.

It was a little depressing to read, all of these people posting problems they’d run into and someone else responding right away with a bunch of gibberish that turned out to be just the code the first person was looking for.  Casey wrote the original code, of course, but then these smart people started tweaking and adjusting and before you knew it they all had these fabulous progress bars with pictures and titles and designer names and everything you could possibly want.  I had a headache…and I felt sort of like a little old lady knitting in a corner, watching those young whippersnappers zip by with that fancy dancy technology stuff.

So I guess I just have to say thank goodness for places like WordPress that do all that pesky coding for me, so all I have to do is talk.  That, I’m really good at.

In only slightly related news…

I’ve been having fun with the stats on my blog.  Here’s a look:

Blog Stats

Total views: 2,418

Busiest day: 185 — Thursday, May 22, 2008

Views today: 14

May 22 was the day after I posted the pattern for A Fair Summer Isle, and my traffic spiked something fierce. For the longest time, the line graph that shows visits over a span of several weeks had this gigantic peak, and all of the other days it looked like I wasn’t getting any traffic at all.  In fact, I average about 20 visits a day, and my usual traffic pattern looks like this:

The low point was the 3rd of July, when I didn’t even break into double digits; the high point was 46 views on June 16.  Usually that means there was one post that got a lot of attention, but this was a strange day–my top post (Did you KIP today?) only got 3 views. However, 25 different posts were viewed.

What I find most fascinating is how people find my blog.  Most of the visitors are referred via my profile on Ravelry; most of the rest come from Knitter’s Review Forum or links from other blogs.  The funniest tend to be the search terms used to find me.  In the last two days, people have arrived at my blog looking for:

smiling baby (2)
isle dress (2)
sarah winchester (1)
seed stitch baby shoes (1)
stitch bitch newsboy cap (1)

chest tube (2)
hawaiian shirts (2)
“sarah winchester” atlanta (1)
made from my pattern selling compare pic (1)
knit shrug in the round (1)

(The number in paranthesis is the number of times that search term was used.)

“Smiling baby” is a popular search–I usually see that at least once a day, and it takes the visitor to this post, which is my 4th most popular post.  I’m still trying to figure out where “chest tube” came from…or more important, where that visitor went!  (Oh, now I see–they ended up at the post about the socks I knit for NICU donation, because I talked about Jeffrey’s chest tube.)  I’m sorry I disappointed the person looking for a “cool grandma graphic,”  chuckled that someone was looking for “fbi mystical creations yarn,”  shook my head over “ravelry hate” (twice), and was somewhat comforted to learn I’m not the only one interested in “knitting curtains.”  Top search of all time is the rather generic “knitting,” and second highest is “optic waves shawl” (which, sadly, has yet to be found). I think the least useful search term that’s brought someone to my blog is “girls.”  Hope that visitor found what he/she was looking for!



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  2. Well, I have no idea how to do any of the things you just talked about, so don’t feel old. I don’t know how to figure out how many people are looking at my blog, or what search terms get them there, or anything like that. So, you are way ahead of me!

  3. Age is just a number. Embrace it!! I turned the big 5-0 this year and am reveling in the fact that I can be cranky and not care. 🙂

  4. Oh yeah… Forgot to mention… I was a computer programmer for awhile. In COBOL. On IBM Mainframes. When dinosaurs roamed the earth….


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