Posted by: jinniver | July 7, 2008

Backing up and moving forward

I don’t remember what triggered it, but someone on Ravelry mentioned backing up their patterns.  I’ve come across several discussions regarding paper vs. electronic patterns.  There’s one online store that only sells paper patterns, which have turned off a number of knitters who are unwilling to pay the high shipping costs, wait for a pattern to come through the mail, and/or have a paper copy that could be lost.  And one of my sock clubs did a survey on whether the members would prefer PDFs or paper (PDFs won 4-to-1).

Personally, I prefer PDFs.  Some patterns I can knit straight from my computer, so I don’t have to print anything out.  Or I can print out multiple copies if I’m making the same pattern in multiple sizes.  PDFs are also a lot more secure for me, because I’m a packrat with a bad memory…and some of you might remember this incident.

But it occurred to me that storing my patterns on a computer without backing them up isn’t all that secure.  And I should know better–I’m typing this on a computer purchased after my previous laptop died without warning and the wanna-be computer experts at a not-to-be-named electronics store screwed up the data recovery attempt.  Fortunately, I’d been backing up my files, so I lost almost nothing.  This computer, however, I had not yet backed up.  So I purchased a couple thumb drives and backed up the two most important categories of items on my computer:  my photos and my patterns.

As for my knitting, I was done backing up and ready to move forward.  I found knitting with the Luminesse to be both a delight and a pain. The pain part was literal–the ribbon is stiff and scratchy (no surprise, based on the composition) and it was uncomfortable to knit with.  But the look…that was a definite compensation.  I loved how the Luminesse knit up and how it looked next to the Doodle yarn:

Doodle shrug (5) Doodle shrug (4)

The colors are not identical, as I mentioned in the last post, and you can see the differences here.  The Luminesse doesn’t have any of the green, the blue-purple is a little bluer, and the purple isn’t as red.  But they still look good together.

Doodle shrug (3)

Once again, I had less yarn than I hoped for, but this time it wasn’t as much of an issue. I just knit most of it up (I had plans for the scraps) and that will simply be the center back portion, whatever width it turned out to be. Now I’ll be finishing off the shrug with what’s left of the Doodle yarn.

As for the scraps of the Luminesse, they went to a good cause:

Mini doodle shrug (6)

Mini doodle shrug (5)

Lexie seems to appreciate it!



  1. Very cute shrug. What darling pictures your daughter- nice happy pictures.

  2. I agreed with you


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