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Prior proper planning…

My Doodle Shrug and Lexie’s Mini Doodle Shrug are on hold.  It’s not that they’re not looking good, because I think they are:

both doodle shrugs

When I first bought this yarn, I intended to use it to make something for Lexie.  But my first thought, which was to make a summer shirt or dress, I tossed.  The yarn felt like it would knit up a little too warm for a south Texas summer, even with stitches as loose as I was planning.  I don’t know where the sudden urge to knit myself a shrug with this yarn came from, but I decided to just go with it.  I had two skeins of the yarn, and looking at it, I felt I had plenty to knit a shrug that went from elbow to elbow for myself, as well as one for Lexie.

That’ll teach me to guestimate yarns by looking at them, with a pattern I’m winging, when I have no idea what the gauge of the yarn I’m knitting up will be.

I could tell I was running out of yarn about a foot short of the length I wanted for my shrug, so I decided to go ahead and cast on from the other end of the second ball for Lexie’s shrug.  My thought was I’d knit hers, and then just use whatever yarn was left to finish my mine.  Unfortunately, that plan required yarn to be left over after I finished Lexie’s shrug…and I never finished Lexie’s shrug.

I’m left with four options.  My preferred solution is buy more of this yarn at Knotty Girl…but I don’t think there is any more of this colorway.  Second choice is to see if Ann can special order any more.  The good news is that it’s hand-dyed yarn, so there isn’t a lot number to match…and with hand-dyed yarn I’m not terribly concerned about a perfect color match.  I’m not sure if she’ll be able to order such a small amount of yarn–I only need one skein–so third choice is to try to find yarn somewhere else.  I’m even less sanguine about this option than the others because a cursory search earlier today came up empty.

So that leaves me with my last option…which, while it’s not my first choice, is not a disaster by any stretch:  ripping back each shrug the number of rows needed for the ribbing (6 for my shrug, 4 for Lexie’s), knit the K2P2 ribbing on each, and then bind off.  They’ll be shorter than I wanted, but I love what these are looking like so much that I can deal with it.  And if (ok, when) I buy more of this yarn in other colorways, I’ll know in the future to get three skeins.

Of course, I think part of the reason I’m able to be so relaxed about this problem is that I notched a recent fiber art victory.  Two days ago I started work on Steve’s first Hawaiian shirt (the neon flamingos).  My only thought was that I’d like to get all three of the outfits in that fabric (Steve shirt, Jeffrey’s shirt, and Lexie’s jumper) completed before our upcoming trip to visit with Steve’s family.  Steve came home from the ship, looked at the work I’d done, and asked, “Will that be ready for the picnic tomorrow?”  Steve’s crew was having a Fourth of July picnic on Thursday, and he was quite excited about the idea of showing off a new shirt to his Sailors.  I told him I’d try, but no promises.

Well, it took staying up until 2 a.m. yesterday morning, and then finishing off the buttons and buttonholes after I woke up, but Steve got home to gather us all up for the picnic to find this:

Flamingo shirt Steve

It’s the fastest I’ve ever knit sewn* up one of these shirts, so I was quite pleased with myself. Steve was just plain pleased.

Flamingo shirt Steve (2)

(My apologizes for the fuzziness of this picture.  Once the shirt has been washed we’re going to try again…but my theory is that the fabric is so eye-bleedingly neon that it’s screwing with the camera focus.  So we’ll see…)

*Apparently, I have knitting on the brain!



  1. Shirt looks great even blurry!!! 🙂

  2. Looking cool..! These type of shirts and dresses are very popular in Brazil and coastal areas.

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