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WIPs–How do I love thee? Let me count thy number…*

I didn’t need a reminder today in order to get to Knotty Girl to meet with my fellow knitters.  I did need some organization to my Ravelry tote.  My zombie socks weren’t the only ones getting out of hand, so the inside of my tote looked like a VDOT (Virginia Department of Transportation) project:  completely disorganized, decades from completion, prohibitively expensive, and a safety hazard.

So I whipped out my super special WIP organizing tool:  the little plastic bags with hangers that baby onsies come in.  Baby girl has outgrown her 3-6 month onsies, so I had to buy her a few new sets.  And I’d held on to several from previous purchases with the vague idea that they might come in handy someday.  Oh, yes:

Now that I had everything organized, I needed to choose my project for today.  You’d think, with all the projects I have on the needles, that this would be an easy choice.

You’d be wrong…at least when you’re talking about me.

First, there’s my Zombielle Socks. After all, I worked on them at Sit ‘n Knit on Thursday–why not keep working on them?  Well, I can answer that in one word:  ribbit!

Unfortunately, the sock was knitting up too small for my calf.  I haven’t decided yet if I want to try to add pattern repeats (which means redoing some math later) or try going up a couple needle sizes.  I think I want to go up to size 3 needles (I’m currently using the larger size 1, 2.5mm), but I only have one Harmony size 3 circ, so I need another one before I can continue.

Ok, what about my Branching Out into Lace scarf?  I’m still loving both yarn and pattern, and I’m excited to see how it looks when it’s all done.

The problem is that, unlike the Zombielle Socks, I can’t knit this with only a fraction of my attention.  If all I wanted to do was concentrate on my knitting, I’d knit at home, but I go to the LYS for the socialization.  I’ve already got one noticeable mistake on this scarf–knitting through tears of laughter (as I did Thursday night) would be a disaster.

There’s my other KAL project, my Sunny Summer Sky t-shirt for the Nothing But a T-Shirt KAL. I’m plenty far behind, since Genuine is nearly done with the front (and by now might be completely done) and Michelle has both sleeves completed…and I haven’t yet finished an entire back.

As casual as we get at the LYS, I’m still not ready to throw one of my t-shirts down on the floor to check my progress on the knitted shirt–and I need that visual check as I finish up the neck shaping and shoulders.  So that’s an at-home project until I have the back finished.

So what about my secret project?

I can’t tell you that–it’s a secret!

All right…what else do I have on the needles right now…?  Hey, how about Lexie’s curtains? They haven’t seen a stitch in awhile…

…because I keep forgetting about them, hanging on the peg board.  Like I forgot today.  Still no stitches.

Well, that left me with only one choice.

Start a new project!

Introducing my Doodle Shrug!

I’ve been wanting a shrug for awhile now, especially since one of my fellow Knotty Girls knit herself a really cute one.  I’d originally bought this yarn to make something for Lexie, but the idea of a funky shrug with funky yarn was irresistible.  And since I’m not making one with long sleeves, I should have enough to make Lexie a matching shrug, which will be fun.  So I got this newest WIP underway this afternoon…once poor Gloria and I balled another skein of yarn I’d brought with the intention of making this yarn into my first shrug.  But that skein turned out to be one of the most knotted messes I’ve ever seen, and it took the two of us 30 minutes just to get the two ends untangled and in temporary balls so Gloria could use the ball winder.  After that, I figured it was time to try another yarn for a bit.

Of course, I realized I hadn’t brought needles nearly big enough for what I wanted the knit fabric to look like, so I had to try a couple larger sizes.  Then I had to test swatch a couple times.  Then I was able to figure out how many stitches I needed and cast on…and then several rows in I realized I forgot the ribbing I wanted at the ends.  So I frogged and started again, which is why there are only six rows completed for an entire afternoon devoted to knitting.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

*With apologies to Elizabeth Barret Browning.



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