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How quickly they forget…

I recently read the first four books in Maggie Sefton’s Knitting Mysteries Series.  The books came to my attention when someone in the MCY group on Ravelry pointed out the newest book in the series, Dyer Consequences.  Considering the reason for our group’s existence, we found the idea of someone drowning in a dye pot to be inappropriately hysterical.  I enjoy reading mysteries, so I decided to give Sefton’s books a try.  They’re a good light read, once you’ve managed the suspension of disbelief required for any book in this genre (you know, that a CPA with no criminal investigative training can poke around official police investigations without being arrested for interfering with said investigations, with the help of a retired police officer who’s willing to divulge inside information, and solve said investigations where the police are clueless).  Of course, if I wanted to read Agatha Christie, I’ve got some of those books on the shelves too.  I didn’t–I wanted a fun, enjoyable read, and that’s what I got.

And for some reason, I felt a definite affinity for main character Kelly Flynn, the mystery solving CPA, which went beyond our shared appreciation for men named Steve.  I wasn’t quite sure at first why that was–she was a reluctant knitting student with trust issues who actually enjoys running.  Then I learned why:  I had sensed the incipent “fiber floozy” (the term Kelly and her friends use) in Kelly Flynn, and like called to like.  Kelly agrees to learn to knit because she really wants a sweater she’d seen a sample of in the shop, but the sample had already been sold.  Knitting it herself was the only way to get it, so with her friends’ help she works her way up to knitting a sweater in the round.

She starts the sweater in the second book and is still working on it in the third…or rather, still being seduced away from it in the third.  Every time she walks through the door of her favorite yarn shop, it seems, the owner has brought in a completely new selection of yarn (and since Kelly lives right across the parking lot from the store and stops in daily, that’s a lot of yarn changes).  And every time there’s new yarn, or she sees a friend working on a new project, Kelly can’t resist.  Then one day, she sits down at the table in the yarn store to work on her newest affair…and she can’t find the yarn.  It takes a concerted search through her knitting bag before she finds the new yarn, buried in a bottom corner.  She has no idea how it could have gotten there…unless…

Unless the neglected sweater-in-the-round attacked and beat the new yarn down.  Kelly decides she really doesn’t want to think any more about the possibility of yarn coming to life.

I realized it was a timely warning I had to take to heart.

I knew my Zombielle Socks had gone unattended for much too long.  And one of my fellow Zombie Sock KALers had already warned us of the danger of unattended Zombie Socks.  She’d let hers go for awhile and one of them disappeared.  She eventually found and subdued it behind the couch.

So, when I went to the Thursday night Sit ‘n Knit at Knotty Girl Yarns, I decided to pull out my sock and get back to work on it.  That turned out to be easier said than done.  Somehow, a ball of yarn and project I’d placed in the very bottom of the bag had managed to migrate throughout and wrap itself around every other WIP in the bag, slowly throttling all the other skeins.  It took the help of fellow knitter Suzanne to finish the detangling.

After that, things went quite smoothly, once I found the paper that told me where I was in the pattern.  I quickly got right back into the rhythm of the drop stitch pattern–it’s really a very easy one to do…which is good because there were a number of times during the night that I was trying to knit through tears of laughter.  I even felt comfortable enough to leave off halfway through a round (easier to do when knitting on two circular needles than DPNs) where I was dropping the stitch.  Little did I know that Zombielle had struck again…

On my drive home I stopped at a local ice cream drive thru to get my husband his favorite, at his request–he takes the kids every Thursday night so I can get out of the house, and this night he’d even reminded me about Sit ‘n Knit when I forgot, so he more than earned this treat.  As I was sitting in the usual lengthy and slow line, I decided I had enough time to get those dropped stitches laddered down (the wool yarn is a bit sticky, which is nice when I accidentally drop a stitch, but it needs a little help when I drop intentionally).  So pulled the sock out, looked at it, glanced at the pattern…and froze.

I forgot the yarn overs.

On the same row where I drop the stitches, I need to add yarn overs in another location to set up the next set of dropped stitches.  I tried to figure out a way around it that didn’t involve tinking almost half a round…but I couldn’t come up with one I was happy with.  At least the ice cream drive thru was so slow that I almost got all the tinking done before my order was up.

Once home I finished the tinking and reknit the half-round, adding the yarn overs.  Then I finished the other half round (properly) and by the time I went to bed last night, I had an entire second pattern repeat done.  Just one more before I start the heel flap fun:





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