Posted by: jinniver | June 18, 2008

While you were (supposed to be) sleeping

It was my fault.

I got complacent.  Jeffrey’s really good at not opening drawers he knows he’s not supposed to be in.  But I left this drawer open because I was in a hurry.  And then, I left the door to the office–which has a childproof doorknob protector he hasn’t yet learned to defeat–wide open.  As soon as you walk out the door of his bedroom, you’re looking straight into the office and at that drawer hanging wide open.

And I knew he didn’t usually nap during “nap time.”  Or stay in his room like he’s supposed to for quiet time.  So I have no one to blame but myself.

Amazingly, no actual destruction was done.  Despite the fact that the pattern pieces are tissue thin, none of them were torn.  I haven’t yet been able to motivate myself to get everything back in the right envelopes yet, though.

In fact, I’ve had my fill of sewing pattern pieces for a while.

Just pinning all of the pieces for the first family Hawaiian shirt set took all of Sunday (it didn’t help that I was trying to do all of the Sunday chores to give Steve a break for Father’s Day…it did help that he wouldn’t play along and insisted on working too).  It’s not that any of the outfits have that many pieces (Steve’s shirt has the most–five, compared to four each for Jeffrey’s shirt and Lexie’s jumper–but I haven’t cut out the pocket yet because I pattern match the pocket), but that I was pinning up three outfits at the same time.  Oh, and cutting out the pattern pieces for Jeffrey’s and Lexie’s outfits was incredibly tedious, because each pattern booklet is for several different clothing articles (dresses, pants, bloomers, a shrug, etc.) so I had to find the right pieces in the right size…all the while trying not to shred the delicate tissue paper.

Pulling out a pair of scissors was actually cathartic.

Twelve pattern pieces for three outfits, all ready for some sewing fun!  I still need to cut out the necessary interfacing pieces–I realized it would be a big mistake to unpin anything until I’m ready to start sewing, else I’ll never remember what goes where, so I haven’t been able to free up the pattern pieces for the interfacing–and Steve’s pocket, but that’s definite progress.  Steve is quite excited.

Now for a knitting break…



  1. I bow to your sewing expertise. While I can knit, needlepoint, do counted thread work like a fiend and am learning to crochet, I can screw up a sewing pattern like nobody’s business.

    Looking forward to seeing completed pics!

  2. As am I!


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