Posted by: jinniver | June 8, 2008

No knitting for today…

Karma got me.

Friday night, I was watching the NASCAR Craftsman Truck race. One of the pit crew members on one of the teams was injured during a pit stop, and the announcers were originally concerned that he’d been hit by one of the trucks. Replays, however, showed that he’d actually hurt his ankle jumping up and down in celebration of a successful pit stop.

I’ll admit it–I snickered a bit. And thought about Bill Gramatica.

It only took 24 hours for me to pay for it. I’m a huge fan of Brad Keselowski, driver of the #88 Navy car in the NASCAR Nationwide Series. He’s been so close so many times this season but was still winless…until last night. When he won, I celebrated as sports fans usually do–with wild arm waving and fist pumping. That’s when I felt my wrist tweak.

The main culprit, I know, is that I tend to cock my wrist when I knit or type…and I spent almost all day yesterday doing one or the other. So my wrist was already sore, with the feeling that I had something pinched. The celebration simply delivered the coup de grace.

So, the recipe for today is (as a fellow NASCAR knitter reminded me) RICE–rest, ice, compression and elevation (with a little ibuprofen thrown in). Hopefully, I’ll be back to my knitting ways tomorrow…with a little more care.



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