Posted by: jinniver | June 3, 2008

Nothing But a T(ank)-Shirt

Last night, as I left my new knitting group, I could tell as soon as I stepped outside that the temperature had dropped dramatically. And the thermometer in the minivan verified it: a “cool” 82 degrees. Of course, the humidity hadn’t dropped below 90%, so I was still wading through soup…just slightly cooler soup.

The first day of Summer might officially be June 20th, but it’s been summer here in south Texas for several months. We’ve already had heat advisories issued with triple digit heat indices. The heat and humidity sucks, and I’ve never liked being overheated.

As I drove home, I found myself rethinking my plans for my Sunny Summer Sky t-shirt. I had yet to rewrite the pattern for the cap sleeves…and now I was wondering whether I really wanted them anyway. The cap sleeves look very nice, especially with the fitted pattern. But I’ve never been a big fan of the feel of cap sleeves. In the heat of a Texas summer, they’d be even less uncomfortable to me.

However, I didn’t want to make a straight tank top either. I have a small–well, not so small–problem with wearing tank tops. As someone who’s been endowed with huge…tracts of land, my bra straps tend to be on the wider side. And I was raised to believe that showing your bra strap is tacky. So most tank tops are out. It occurred to me, though, that if I knit the front and back as though I was going to be adding the cap sleeves (basically, a tank top look), and then just picked up the stitches around the armhole and added a hem right there, I’d get the best of both worlds. I’d have a pseudo-sleeve for the extra length I needed, but it would be looser than a cap sleeve and therefore more comfortable. Oh, and it would also allow me to bring the yellow up from the hem like I planned.

And I’ve made this most recent change none too soon–I’m only about 13 rows away from starting the armholes, so I needed to know what they were going to look like.

Yeah, it looks a little wonky, but that’s because the circular needle made it hard to lay flat, as did the curling of the edges…and the need to snap the picture quick before either stalking cat pounced on the trailing yarn ends. I’m liking the way it looks, though! And the good news is, when I do finish the back, there’s going to be a lot fewer options for still more tweaking–and I might finish someday!



  1. Oh! It looks wonderful so far. I love the yellow! It’s so sunny. In Minnesota, we are still waiting for summer. It cruelly poked its nose in over the weekend and then fled. No idea when it will be back, but I’m ready to wear shorts!


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