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Knotty Girls Fiber Arts Studio

Recently, Genuine wrote about her LYS. I commented that I was a little jealous–not because I didn’t love my LYS–but hers did have some things that mine didn’t. She wrote me back suggesting that if I loved my LYS that much, I ought to blog about it.

Good idea.

When I first started knitting last fall, I didn’t realize there was a LYS in the Corpus Christi area. It was hard to get too excited about the yarn selection at Hobby Lobby, and without a good source of knitting knowledge, I was pretty ignorant about the wide variety of yarn gloriousness out there. So you’d think that my discovery of Knotty Girls would have been an epiphany of such measure that I would ever remember the day and time I stepped through the doors.

Unfortunately, two pregnancies have sucked too many brain cells (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it). The fact is that my knitting life underwent a huge transformation after I discovered Knotty Girls. I knew that there was more to yarn than acrylic and wool, but I didn’t have any idea how much more. Did you know that there’s yarn out there made with shrimp and crab shells? I didn’t! And now I own some! And sure, I’d read about silk yarn…but there’s absolutely no substitution for holding and stroking a hand-dyed skein.

But an LYS–at least a good one–is about so much more than the yarn. A yarn store with the best selection at the best prices isn’t worth the price of gas today without a welcoming atmosphere and a great staff. Knotty Girls has both. Although space is tight (and expensive) in Corpus Christi, Knotty Girls owner Ann has reserved space for a comfortable seating area. The Thursday night Sit ‘n Knit easily fills up that spot with knitters* (and we have to bring out extra chairs), but it’s not uncommon to stop by at any time the store is open and find a knitter or two or five enjoying some knitting time and a lively conversation (the only reason the seats are empty in this picture is because I took it on Monday, when the store is closed).

*I default to “knitting” just because that’s all I do with yarn right now. But hookers are more than welcome to bring their crochet projects too!

Both Ann and fellow worker Gloria are welcoming and willing to help any customer with a question. I’ve only had the chance to take one class from Ann–the sock knitting class–but it was fun and informative and I can’t wait to try another one. And in case you can’t settle on a project just by looking at the yarn, Ann’s got several tempting samples posted around the shop…like this beauty, made in a variety of kits:

Yeah…I fell for this one hard. Twice.

Um…I did mention the yarn, right?

Oh, yes. The yarn…



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  2. Sorry for that—I really want to touch that beautiful shiny stuff in the last picture. That sofa looks so comfy!


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