Posted by: jinniver | May 22, 2008

I’m subscribable!

I’m not the most…technology-aware blogger out there.  Just the other day I got a comment from someone who said he’d found me via Technorati.  I’d never even heard of Technorati before.  (For the record, it’s some sort of blog search engine; I’ve signed up for it, but haven’t yet figured out all of the gizmos.  Or most of the gizmos.)

One thing I did manage to figure out is how to set up an email subscription service via Feedburner.  If you look in the top of my sidebar on the right, there’s a link you can click to subscribe to The Sarah Winchester of Fiber Arts via email.  All that means is that if there’s a new post, the next morning you’ll get it delivered direct to your mailbox.  Just a little technological help for my hoards (ok, handful) of readers to take one step out of your busy day.



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