Posted by: jinniver | May 12, 2008

Strangest phone call ever

Phone rings just now, and I answer it without looking at the caller ID (assuming it is my extremely tardy husband).

Me:  Hello?

Young male voice:  (hesitantly)  Hello?

Me:  Hello?


Him:  Um…who is this?

Me:  (since I don’t identify myself to people who call without knowing whom they’re calling)  Who is this?

Him:  Uh…Ty.

Me:  (laughing a little since I don’t recognize name or voice)  I think you might have the wrong number.  Who are you looking for?

Him:  Jennifer.

Me:  Okaaaaay…well, I am a Jennifer.  Jennifer who?

Him:  Jennifer (beep).

Me.  I am a Jennifer (beep).


Him:  Is this Portland, Oregon?

Me:  (laughing)  No, it’s Portland, Texas.

Him:  Oh, I’m really sorry.  Um..bye.

Me:  (laughter)



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