Posted by: jinniver | May 8, 2008

Shawl BOLO!

As anyone who watches as much Forensics Files as I do knows, a BOLO is a “be on the lookout” alert.  After this year’s Maryland Sheep & Wool festival, unfortunately, a BOLO needs to be issued for a beautiful shawl knit by Clara Parkes of the Knitter’s Review (oh, and a couple of coveted knitting books).  A few minutes before opening, someone apparently slipped into the booth and stole Clara’s beautiful Optic Waves Shawl, a sample project from her latest book.  Please read the details and look at the picture of the shawl here, and if someone you know who was at the Festival shows up with this beautiful wrap, please convince them to do the right thing.  And if you know a little more about this theft than you should, please read Clara’s letter to you here to understand the damage you’ve done and how to make it right. Thank you.



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