Posted by: jinniver | April 13, 2008

A heads up: Free online patterns being discontinued!

After the recent angst about online patterns disappearing, I thought a heads up was in order. Crystal Palace Yarns has discontinued their Creme yarns as of Mar 08, and they’re going to be removing the related free patterns from their website:

“Important Note:
Crème yarn has been discontinued by Crystal Palace Yarns as of March 2008.
All inventory of Crème is gone.
We will be removing all the Crème patterns in the next week or two.
Feel free to save a copy, but there will be no further technical support of Crème patterns.”

The patterns are still on the website here for anyone who wants to grab them quick before they’re gone.  Fortunately, this time pattern users were given a warning by the pattern host in enough time!



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