Posted by: jinniver | April 8, 2008

Need a smile?

Hard not to smile at a smiling baby, isn’t?  In case you’re wondering, that’s my baby girl, Lexie, on her 5 month birthday.  There’s been a lot of angst on the web for knitters today, so I thought I’d do my part on spreading smiles.

Hey–if you come here just for the fiber arts stuff, don’t click away so fast!  I’m talking about knitting, too.  Sheesh. 

Anyways, I’ve got a project on the needle that’s making me smile.  Making me giggle, to be honest, because it’s gotta be one of the silliest things I’ve ever knitted:  curtains.  Yes, I’m knitting curtains.  Never in a million years would I have considered knitting curtains.  Sewing them, sure.  I mean, who looks at a window and says, “You know, I have the perfect yarn to cover that…”

Well, a recent guest on Knitty Gritty did.  I watched the entire episode, even though I sat there the entire time thinking, “That looks ridiculous.  Who on earth would really hang curtains like that?  In their house?”  Then I went up to my craft room…and durned if I didn’t look over at my stash, spy a fuzzy purple yarn with pink, yellow, and green threads, and think, “You know, that’s the perfect yarn to make a curtain for Lexie’s window.”  Durn you, Vickie Howell!

Actually, once I started knitting it, I started enjoying the project–even though I frogged my first attempt when I decided it was too wide and I didn’t like the random yarn-over holes I’d been inspired to add:

But even though I’m only about 7 inches in, and I’m planning to knit a curtain long enough to cover the entire window, I’m still having fun.  I’ve found myself giggling like a madwoman as I knit.  I’m knitting a curtain!  With ridiculously fuzzy yarn!  I really don’t know why this project has tickled my funny bone, but I’m going with it.  After all, I might as well get this out of my system now before Lexie is old enough to complain (or at least young enough that she thinks this is neat instead of painfully lame).



  1. I did and love it! – THANKS!

  2. great looking curtain, and beautiful baby!!!!!!!


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