Posted by: jinniver | April 3, 2008

Where I’ve been

While poking around tonight, I found a blog that had a U.S. map showing all the states the author had visited. Unfortunately, the link she used was cut off, so I had to find one of my own.

Visited states map

 In order to qualify for inclusion on my map, it had to be a state that I made an actual stop in for a reason other than “just passing through.” Having driven from Virginia to Rhode Island; Virginia to California (with LOTS of detours) and Rhode Island to Texas, I’ve hit a lot more states than shown above. But if I waved as I drove through, or stopped for a night on the way, then to me that’s not visiting the state.

create your own visited countries map

Somehow, this isn’t quite as impressive as I thought it would be (especially since Israel is a tiny, tiny red dot, and I’m not sure Malta is even visible), but with 11 countries visited, that’s 4% of the world, apparently. And counting!



  1. I visited the same site tonight, too! I did enter all the states I drove through, and all my states were northeast and south, southwest and CA. MY states were all red, though, so I did not put it on my blog because it looked dorky! I like yours with all the nice colors.


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