Posted by: jinniver | April 3, 2008

Doubly dangerous

To be honest, I’m not the most…graceful…person I know.

Oh…not honest enough?

Ok, ok.  To be really honest, there are days my 5-month-old must look at me and think, “Wow.  Now that’s uncoordinated.”

I once managed to give myself 3 concussions in less than 3 months (don’t ask.  Seriously–don’t ask).  And my poor son, Jeffrey, appears to have inherited my klutz gene.  Right now, on his forehead alone, he’s sporting a scar on the left side, scrapes dead center by the hairline, and a deep scratch on the right side.  At least he’s symmetrical in his gracelessness.

With my track history, it might have been a poor idea for me to take up a hobby that involves long, pointy sticks.  Fortunately, the tips of my favorite (bamboo) needles aren’t terribly sharp–although to avoid potential anemia, I need to avoid lace knitting, which requires much sharper needles–and I’m careful to always knit while sitting down.  So far, there have been no unfortunate incidents.  So, with a potentially dangerous sense of overconfidence, I am now the proud owner of 3 sets of double pointed needles.  Twice the chances to skewer myself per needle!


My first project will be baby socks for preemies, which I’ll tell you all about later.  I’m fairly certain I’ll survive unscathed…but if you should happen to see a woman knitting who’s covered in band-aids, just give me plenty of elbow space.



  1. I love bamboo. They’re so light and easy to use. Honestly, I have one pair of metal dpns, and it’s a mercy that I only have one, because I’ve nearly stabbed myself several times just with that pair!


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