Posted by: jinniver | April 2, 2008

This frog just won’t turn into a prince…

…no matter how many times I plant one on him.

I knew, halfway through Lexie’s red shoes, that I might be in trouble. Although the pattern (Girl’s Shoes from Baby Knits) is fairly simple, and it’s only a seed stitch, it was still a more complicated pattern than I’ve previously attempted. Still, I figured that I’d already done a pair of baby booties, and that pattern called for short row shaping (something I’d never done before). If I could do that, how hard could this be?

Never ask a question unless you’re ready to hear the answer.

lumpy red shoes

The answer, apparently, is too hard for me.  Part of the problem is how the pattern is written–a combination of my inexperience in pattern reading and the designer’s use of RS and WS (right side and wrong side).  Go ahead–knit a swatch in seed stitch.  Now tell me which side is right and which is wrong.


The problem, it appears, is that the point on the toe top and the point in the toe area of the sole do not line up.  The pattern says when sewing the upper to the sole that you’ll need to ease in fullness, but all of my extra fullness is on one side:

Red shoes lump

So, I’ll be frogging this shoe.  I know the pattern is doable, because I found two other knitters on Ravelry who had this in their projects, and one of them had completed the shoes (they’re quite adorable–she did a great job).  However, the other knitter is also having difficulty, and reported that she’d frogged the entire shoe too.  So on the bright side, it’s not just me, and maybe she and I will be able to get together and figure out what we did wrong.  In the meantime, I’ll be rewriting the pattern with the directions for each line written out on index cards so I can more easily follow it.

Ribbit, ribbit…



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