Posted by: jinniver | March 27, 2008

I am so (snif) proud…

…of myself.

Yes, I recognize that I am flirting with a deadly sin here.  Ok, more like I’ve slipped it my phone number written on the inside of a matchbook.  But it’s all for my little girl, so that’s got to count for something:

Crib canopy

When I talk to people about my sewing skills, they think I’m being overly modest when I say they are extremely limited.  After all, I quilt.  And yes, SOME quiling–a lot of quilting, actually–involves intricate sewing.  That would not be my quilting.  Straight lines.  Squares.  Rectangles.  That’s about as crazy as I get.  Which isn’t to say that my quilts are made up of squares and rectangles–I make blocks with triangles and diamonds too.  And yes, triangles are tricky to cut the right size when you’re designing your own quilt or modifying a pattern (which I do much of the time) and tricky to sew in properly.

So I don’t.  I cheat.  Officially, they’re known as quick piecing methods (i.e., instead of cutting triangles of 2 different colors and sewing them together to form a square, I cut out 2 larger squares of each color, put one on top of the other, sew down a line on either side of a diagonal, cut on the diagonal, and voila!  Two half-square triangles completed, without a single triangle actually being cut or sewn), but I think of it as cheating.  Not because it’s wrong, or because I feel bad about saving time and grief, but because people looking at my quilts think I have skills I don’t.

So something that might look so simple to someone who sews was pretty intimidating to me.  Especially since, as is my wont, I was deviating from the pattern.

And, despite considerable angst with figuring out proper sizes to cut the pieces (my canopy didn’t fit the given pattern…especially since the pattern was for a dust ruffle), additional angst during the sewing process (more seam ripping), and lots of concerns about whether my modifications would work, it turned out beautifully.  And my dream of giving my girl a fully custom designed bedroom is coming true.  What girl wouldn’t like to fall asleep with this view?

Canopy view



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